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ECR / Sharpsoft Product Details (updated Sept 2008)SmartMan

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Product Information 
Smartcard Manager 
•  Maintain card holder 
•  Hotlist / Replacement 
•  Transfer card balances 
•  User definable database 
•  Import / Export facilities 
• PhotoID 
• Purchase 
• Pending 
•  Card Usage reports 
• Customised 
•  Full audit reporting 
•  Links to Coin Loader / 
Revaluation stations 
•  Swipe / Contact or 
Contactless cards 
•  Compatible with PRS 
SharpSmart / Swipe 
ECR enhancements 
• Multi 
Council Chambers 
King Street 
Pateley Bridge 
North Yorkshire 
HG3 5LE 
Smartcard Manager has been designed with the help and 
advice of caterers, publicans and retailers.  It is a simple yet 
comprehensive smart card management system, which can 
be used either linked to standalone Gift and Loyalty terminal 
or used in conjunction with SharpSoft’s Ecr Manager system 
and linked to Electronic Cash Register Point of Sale 
As a standalone system, the user can create a database of 
customers holding such information as name, membership 
details, points and electronic purse values.  Once audit 
information is imported from the loyalty terminal, up to date 
card balances and usage reports can be produced.  
When used in conjunction with Ecr Manager, point of sale 
transaction information can be used to keep the Smartcard 
database up to date to show the current state of all cards in 
use.  This information can also be used to create a Purchase 
History, profiling a card holder’s product preference. 
Lost or stolen a cards can be hotlisted at any time to stop 
further usage and the remaining card balances transferred to 
a replacement card. 
Smartcard Manager operates on any windows XP/Vista 
ECR Point of Sale Features 
For use with PRS Ltd enhanced ECR EPROMs 
•  Automatic purse refresh on Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly basis. 
•  Award bonus points for card spend. 
•  Award bonus cash for cash added to card . 
•  Award points on individual PLU sale items. 
•  Redeem points for cash. 
•  Automatic Group Increment. 
For further details of these and other ECR EPROM enhancements, please call our systems partner PRS Ltd 
on 01482  
Other Links
•  Real time Coin Loader and Revaluation stations. 
•  ParentPay web based payment system. 
• Nexus 
Other related SharpSoft smart card systems 
SmartServer – This program works in the background in conjunction with Smartcard Manager and handles 
real time card validation requests from coin loaders and external applications.  It can also process card 
transaction and audit information which is in turn used to update Smartcard Manager‘s database and audit 
Cardlink – This is a user definable utility program that is used to read a smart card and act upon it 
accordingly. The selectable options include:- 
•  Verifier – Display a card’s purse and points balance. 
•  Points Update – Add points to a card. 
•  Card Sale – Subtract cash from a card’s purse. 
•  Photo ID – Display a Photo ID of the card holder. 
•  Third Party Link – Read the card’s details and pass them on to a third party application. 
Any audited information can also be sent back to a central Smartcard Manager system to produce reports on 
card balances, usage, points issued or redeemed and so on. 
Gcrlink – This is a standalone program used to maintain a Gemplus GCR terminal running the Gift & Loyalty 
package offered by Smart Card International. The terminal itself is used to collect information held on the 
smart card, for example loyalty points given out for a certain amount of spend.  Once a card has been read by 
the terminal, an audit can be kept of any information that has changed.  This audited data is then processed 
by Gcrlink to produce a card activity report. 
If required, the data can also be sent back to a head office Smartcard Manager system to produce further 
reports on card usage, points issued or redeemed and so on.  Cards reported lost or stolen by head office can 
be set as hotlisted on the terminal to stop them from being used
For further details on the Gift & Loyalty package, please call our systems partner Smart Card International Ltd 
on 01482 880766. 
Telephone: 01423 711878 
Smartcard Manager 
System Structure 
•  One or more smartcard databases can be created. 
•  Utilise Swipe, Contact or Contactless smart cards. 
Database Features 
•  Each database has a unique set of card details. 
•  Up to 99 different card groups available. 
•  Hotlist / Replace lost or stolen cards. 
•  Transfers card details from one card to another. 
• Pending 
•  CSV file import of card details . 
•  Export database card details to third party applications. 
•  Set card expiry date. 
•  Reports based on smartcard database records (i.e. Balances, Birthdays, Hotlist etc) can include 
additional user specified database fields. . 
•  User definable database reports.  
•  Card Balance / Starting Balances reports. 
•  Hotlisted cards / Hotlisted liability reports. 
•  Audit trail reports. 
•  Smartcard Balance Report includes Ecr Pending values if Pending Updates are enabled.  
•  Card Usage reports ( Inactive / Last used / Never used ). 
•  Ranking Points and Spend report over a selected date range . 
•  Purchase History Reports shows which products were purchased & in what quantity, requires the link 
to Ecr Manager. 
•  Purchase Ranking report ranks products purchased in descending popularity across a time period 
•  Cashless Posting / Cashless Liability report . 
•  All reports save their settings so they are used the next time the same report is produced.  
•  Links to external applications ( ParentPay \ Sims \ Speeder Electronics ). 
Multi User (optional) 
•  The same installation of Smartcard can be operated from two or more computers at the same 
•  Protective mechanisms are in place to prevent the same data from being changed at the same 
time by two or more different users. 
Smart cards in Education 
Reduces the need for cash to be carried by pupils and staff. 
•  Ensures the pupils spend their allowance in school . 
•  Faster throughput of pupils at the ECR when time is short. 
•  Promote healthy eating. 
•  Free meal stigma removed. 
•  Photocopying / Printer purse. 
•  Access control / Registration. 
•  Combined Payment, Photograph and Library card. 
Smart cards for Retail and Leisure 
For use in Golf clubs, Social clubs, Retail and Hospitality outlets, giving the advantages of:- 
•  Loyalty and discount card. 
•  Prepayment cash card. 
•  Membership and ID card. 
• Door 
•  Promote individual items. 
•  Happy hour points. 
•  Improve cash flow and security. 
•  Reduces queuing at checkout. 
• Birthday 
•  Random draw facility at the ECR. 
Smart card Gift and Loyalty 
Either as a completely standalone terminal or linked back to a computer, the Gift and Loyalty package offers a 
completely portable off the shelf solution. 
•  Increase customer loyalty and repeat business. 
•  Points outstanding liability report. 
•  Points and 2 Cash purses + YTD. 
•  11 user defined database fields. 
•  Birthday / Anniversary report. 
•  Points Redemption and Issue report. 
•  Full Audit trail and hotlisting. 
•  Export to Microsoft Word mail merge. 
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