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SHARPSOFT (serv.man7)
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Driver / Update
EPOS / SharpSoft Bulletin Release-October 2008. (Contains details of New Products and New Functionality to existing products)

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SharpSoft Bulletin - October 2008 
New Products 
•  Release of EcrLite.v4 which links to any one of the current Ecr Manager.v4 Ecr modules. 
•  Release of EcrLiteX500, for use with one Up-X500 EPOS terminal running Venta Pro3 . 
•  .PDF product information brochures are now available from our website. 
New Functionality 
•  Ecr Manager.v4 
•  Support for the Up-3500, including Keyboard layouts. 
•  PRS enhancements of Minimum Age included as standard. 
•  TCP Port number setting for LAN and WAN locations, allowing Ecrs to be accessed 
through a router at the remote end. 
•  Option to block automatic hibernation while the background scheduler is running. 
•  Ecr Manager X300 
•  TCP port number setting for FTP connections, allowing access to X300 terminals on 
non-standard FTP ports through a router at the remote end. 
•  T1 Exporting option added  for PLU sales, Refunds and Wastage. 
•  Ecr Manager X500 
•  Support for Venta Pro V3.1.680 including Deposit payments & Time and attendance 
•  Improvements to Keyboard Manager so that the top half of the colour palette can be 
edited and downloaded. 
•  Automatic and manual options to delete barcodes that are not linked to a PLU item. 
•  Optional linking of plu price sets to keyboards. 
•  All Ecr Managers 
•  Option to create a scheduler task that will be selected automatically when changes are 
saved from the PLU database screen. 
•  Improvements to column management for the PLU and Stock databases, so that 
selective columns can be moved, added or removed. 
•  All Stock Managers 
•  Improvements to stock report filtering, so that Valuation reports can:- 
•  Exclude items with zero cost price. 
•  Exclude items with positive, zero or negative amounts of the relevant stock level. 
Future Plans 
•  Inclusion of PRS Smartcard enhancements for the Up-3500 

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