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24. Lamp Replacement
• Be sure to replace the lamp when the LAMP indicator
comes on. If you continue to use the lamp after 1,500
hours of usage, the lamp will turn off (See pages 47 and
25. Fire and Shock Precautions
• Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation and that vents
are unobstructed to prevent the buildup of heat inside
the product. Allow at least 7 
 inches (20 cm) of space
between the unit and surrounding obstructions.
• Prevent foreign objects such as paper clips and bits of
paper from falling into the product. Do not attempt to
retrieve any objects that fell into the product. Do not
insert any metal objects such as a wire or screwdriver
into the product. If something should fall into the product,
immediately disconnect the power cable from the
product and have the object removed by a Sharp
Authorized Projector Dealer or Service Center.
• Do not place any liquids on top of the product.
• Do not look into the lens while the product is on.
Serious damage to your eyes could result.
22. Installation
• For best results, use the product in a darkened room.
• Place the product on a flat, level surface in a dry area
away from dust and moisture.
• Do not place the product in direct sunlight, near heaters
or heat radiating appliances.
• Exposure to direct sunlight, smoke or steam can harm
internal components.
• Handle the product carefully. Dropping or jarring can
damage internal components.
• Do not place heavy objects on top of the product.
23. Power Supply
• The product is designed to operate on a power supply
of 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz AC. Ensure that your power
supply fits these requirements before attempting to use
the unit.
• For PLUGGABLE EQUIPMENT, the socket-outlet shall
be installed near the equipment and shall be accessible.
• Disconnect the power cable (main lead) from the power
outlet after using the product.
Before disconnecting the power cable, make sure the
POWER indicator lamp is orange and not flashing.
• Handle the power cable carefully and avoid excessive
bending. A damaged cord can cause electric shock or
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