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Temperature Monitor Function
If the projector starts to overheat due to setup problems, “TEMP.” will appear in
the lower-left corner of the picture. If the temperature continues to rise, the lamp
will turn off, the TEMPERATURE WARNING indicator on the projector will flash,
and after a 90-second cooling-off period the power will shut off. Refer to “Lamp/
Maintenance Indicators” on page 46, for details.
• The cooling fan regulates the internal temperature, and its performance is automatically
controlled. The sound of the fan may change during projector operation due to changes
in the fan speed.
Lamp Monitor Function
When the projector is turned on after the lamp has been used for 1,400 hours,
“LAMP” will appear in the lower-left corner of the picture to advise you to replace
the lamp. See pages 47 and 48 for lamp replacement. If the lamp has been used
for 1,500 hours, the projector power will automatically turn off and the projector
will enter standby mode. Refer to “Lamp/Maintenance Indicators” on page 46,
for details.
Usage Guidelines
Caution Concerning the Lamp Unit
Potential hazard of glass particles if lamp ruptures. Please have Sharp Authorized
Projector Dealer or Service Center replace lamp if rupture occurs.
See “Replacing the Projection Lamp” on pages 47 and 48.
Cautions Concerning the Setup of the Projector
For minimal servicing and to maintain high image quality, SHARP recommends
that this projector be installed in an area free from humidity, dust and cigarette
smoke. When the projector is subjected to these environments, the lens must be
cleaned more often. Periodically the projector should be cleaned internally. As
long as the projector is properly maintained in this manner, use in these
environments will not reduce the overall operation life. Please note that all internal
cleaning must be performed by a Sharp Authorized Projector Dealer or Service
• Do not expose the projector to extreme heat or cold.
Operating temperature: 41°F to 95°F (
Ⳮ5°C to Ⳮ35°C)
Storage temperature: 14°F to 140°F (
ⳮ10°C to Ⳮ60°C)
• The mark shown on the left calls the user’s attention to locations on the projector
that emit intense heat during operation.
• The exhaust vent, the lamp cage cover and adjacent areas may be extremely
hot during projector operation. To prevent injury, do not touch these areas until
they have sufficiently cooled.
• Allow at least 4 inches (10 cm) of space between the cooling fan (exhaust
vent) and the nearest wall or obstruction.
• If the cooling fan becomes obstructed, a protection device will automatically
turn off the projector lamp. This does not indicate a malfunction. Remove the
projector power cord from the wall outlet and wait at least 10 minutes. Then
reconnect the power cord and restart the projector. This will return the projector
to normal operating condition.
Notes on Operation
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