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The mains lead of this product is fitted with a non-rewireable (moulded) plug incorporating a 3A fuse. Should the
fuse need to be replaced, a BSI or ASTA approved BS 1362 fuse marked 
 and of the same rating as
above, which is also indicated on the pin face of the plug, must be used.
Always refit the fuse cover after replacing the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover fitted.
In the unlikely event of the socket outlet in your home not being compatible with the plug supplied, cut off the
mains plug and fit an appropriate type.
The fuse from the cut-off plug should be removed and the cut-off plug destroyed immediately and disposed of in
a safe manner.
Under no circumstances should the cut-off plug be inserted elsewhere into a 3A socket outlet, as a serious
electric shock may occur.
To fit an appropriate plug to the mains lead, follow the instructions below:
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
Blue: Neutral
Brown: Live
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this product may not correspond with the coloured markings
identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
• The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the plug terminal which is marked N or coloured black.
• The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the plug terminal which is marked L or coloured red.
Ensure that neither the brown nor the blue wire is connected to the earth terminal in your three-pin plug.
Before replacing the plug cover make sure that:
• If the new fitted plug contains a fuse, its value is the same as that removed from the cut-off plug.
• The cord grip is clamped over the sheath of the mains lead, and not simply over the lead wires.
This equipment complies with the requirements of Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC as amended by 93/68/
Dieses Gerät entspricht den Anforderungen der EG-Richtlinien 89/336/EWG und 73/23/EWG mit Änderung 93/
Ce matériel répond aux exigences contenues dans les directives 89/336/CEE et 73/23/CEE modifiées par la
directive 93/68/CEE.
Dit apparaat voldoet aan de eisen van de richtlijnen 89/336/EEG en 73/23/EEG, gewijzigd door 93/68/EEG.
Dette udstyr overholder kravene i direktiv nr. 89/336/EEC og 73/23/EEC med tillæg nr. 93/68/EEC.
Quest’ apparecchio è conforme ai requisiti delle direttive 89/336/EEC e 73/23/EEC, come emendata dalla
direttiva 93/68/EEC.
« „ͷًÛÙ·ÛÁ ·ıÙfi ·ÌÙ·ÔÍÒflÌÂÙ·È ÛÙÈÚ ··ÈÙfiÛÂÈÚ Ù˘Ì Ô‰Á„È˛Ì ÙÁÚ EıÒ˘·˙ÍfiÚ EÌ˘ÛÁÚ 89/336/EOK
Í·È 73/23/EOK, ¸˘Ú ÔÈ Í·ÌÔÌÈÛÏÔfl ·ıÙÔfl ÛıÏÎÁÒ˛ËÁÍ·Ì ·¸ ÙÁÌ Ô‰Á„fl· 93/68/EOK.
Este equipamento obedece às exigências das directivas 89/336/CEE e 73/23/CEE, na sua versão corrigida
pela directiva 93/68/CEE.
Este aparato satisface las exigencias de las Directivas 89/336/CEE y 73/23/CEE, modificadas por medio de la
Denna utrustning uppfyller kraven enligt riktlinjerna 89/336/EEC och 73/23/EEC så som kompletteras av 93/68/
Dette produktet oppfyller betingelsene i direktivene 89/336/EEC og 73/23/EEC i endringen 93/68/EEC.
Tämä laite täyttää direktiivien 89/336/EEC ja 73/23/EEC vaatimukset, joita on muutettu direktiivillä 93/68/EEC.
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