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Service Manual
EPOS / Dos Hospitality Application Changes Documentation (Updated to include Version 4.7.058)

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List of fixes up to and including V4.7.058 (Release Date 25/09/03)
1.  Limit PLU so no 0dept and no 0group
2.  Transaction history as Venta
3.  Memory Overlay fix
4.  Error Message over Screen Saver
List of fixes up to and including V4.7.049 (Release Date 17/04/03)
1.Checking of imported Product file to ensure it is correct. This will eliminate the -ve
department and multiple receipt issues when the options are not set
2. Use of Lists and sale of items after Subtotal
3. Separate DEPT & GROUP.CSV from DEPTUPD & GROUPUP.CSV from daily
import, all were being handled as NEW files. This does affect Fidelity. The dealer
should upgrade or Departments & Groups could be deleted.
4. T-Reports server report lock
5. 0.00 price sold on Waitermate is handled same as on POS
6. Tender information not printing on receipts
7. Price band changing in a Happy Hour to normal sales if going through the
manager screen
8. Loyalty Card ID staying for next transaction
List of fixes up to and including V4.7.039   (Release date 29/01/03)
1.  Server Name not changing on Consol Srvr Report
2. Slip print does not include 0.00 items. Receipt now responds like Bill
3. When setting TRANSLOG in RINCS WMLOG is also created in Waitemate is set
to yes
4. Discounts not showing on slipped transaction
5. Promo Switching not correct on more than 2 promos
6. Auto removal of any item set to dept 0 and any dept set to group 0 except dept 0
7. In FM dont show Dept 0 in Prod file
8. KP barname now rincs variable KPBARNAME
9. WM transactions dont show value on transaction history preview screen
10. Importing lock at SOD with dept & group.csv
11. Part payment at POST To Room was incorrect
12. Locking problem with external payments only showed in Venta but present in
13. Covers report shows 65536 due to -1 covers being set if no covers entered on
15. Format line had to be present in LOYALTY.DAT to allow loyalty to work. Now not
17. Introduce Loyalty refund setting in RINCS
18. Innsite & Micros alpha entry. Keyboard set to caps as default
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