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Inspect the Oven:
• Check the oven carefully for damage
before and regularly after installation.
• Make sure the door closes properly,
that it is not misaligned or warped.
• Check the hinges and door safety
latches are not broken or loose.
• Ensure the door seal and sealing
surfaces are not damaged.
• Inspect the oven interior and door for
If any damage is apparent, do not
operate the oven in any way, until it has
been repaired by a SHARP trained
1. Remove all packing materials including the
feature sticker (if applicable). Do not remove
the plastic film from the inside of the oven
window as this protects it from dirt. The
waveguide cover prevents food and grease
from entering the waveguide area where it
could cause damage. DO NOT REMOVE
2. The oven door will become hot during
cooking. Place oven on a secure, level surface
so that the bottom of the oven is 85cm or
more above the floor. Ensure it is strong
enough to take the oven weight, plus the
heaviest item likely to be cooked in the oven.
3. The minimum height of
free space necessary
above the top surface
of the oven is 19cm.
4. Do not place the oven where heat, moisture
or high humidity are generated, (for example,
near or above a conventional oven) or near
combustible materials (for example, curtains).
Do not block or obstruct air vent openings.
Do not place objects on top of the oven.
5. Make sure the power supply cord is
undamaged (See “ELECTRICAL
CONNECTION” opposite). Do not allow
the power supply cord to run over any
hot or sharp surfaces, such as the hot
air vent area at the top rear of the oven.
6. The socket must be readily accessible so that
it can be easily unplugged in an emergency.
7. Do not use the oven outdoors.
An installation frame is available which enables
the microwave oven to be integrated within a
kitchen unit.
The microwave oven is not designed to be built
above or near a conventional oven.
SHARP recommend the use of the build in kit
EBR-4900, available from your SHARP dealer.
Only the use of this frame will guarantee the
quality and safety of the oven.
• Do not allow water to come into contact with
the power supply cord or plug.
• Insert the plug properly into the socket.
• Do not connect other appliances to the same
socket using an adaptor plug.
• If the power supply cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by a SHARP approved service
facility or a similarly qualified person to avoid a
• When removing the plug from the socket
always grip the plug, never the cord as this may
damage the power supply cord and the
connections inside the plug.
• If the plug fitted to your oven is a rewireable
type and in the event of the socket outlet in
your home not being compatible with the plug
supplied, remove the plug properly (do not
cut off). 
• If the plug fitted to your oven is a non-
rewirable type and in the event of the socket
outlet in your home not being compatible with
the plug supplied, cut-off the mains plug.
• Refit with a suitable type, observing the wiring
code given in `To replace the mains plug’ on
page 35.
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To wire an appropriate plug, follow the wiring code
given in `To replace the mains plug’ on page 35.
Pacemaker: If you have a heart pacemaker,
consult your doctor or the pacemaker
manufacturer prior to oven use.
Oven Use:
• The oven is for food use only.
• Never operate when empty, except as directed
in the Grill cooking section on page 12.  
• Do not leave or store anything inside the oven
when not in use.
• Never attempt to use the oven with the door
open. It is important not to force or tamper
with the door safety latches.
• Never operate the oven with any object caught
in the door.
• Do not insert fingers or objects in the holes of
the door latches or air-vent openings as this may
damage the oven and cause an electric shock.
• If water or food drops inside the air vent
openings switch off the oven immediately,
unplug it and call a SHARP approved service
facility (see page 35).
• Never move the oven while it is operating.
• The door, outer cabinet, oven cavity, turntable,
dishes, accessories and especially the grills will
become very hot during operation. Care
should be taken to avoid touching these areas
when using or cleaning the oven.
To prevent burns, always use thick oven gloves.
FIRE:  If smoke is observed, switch off
and unplug the appliance and keep the
door closed  in order to stifle any flames. 
• The fuse from the cut-off plug should be
removed and the plug disposed of in a safe
• Under no circumstances should the cut-off
plug be inserted into a socket outlet as a
serious electric shock may occur.
cover fitted.
• If you have any doubt about your microwave
oven obtain the help of a qualified electrician.
• When replacing the plug please ensure that
you use a BSI or ASTA approved plug to
BS1363, this should be fitted with a brown
coloured 13 amp fuse approved by BSI or
ASTA to BS1362. If you have any doubt about
electrical connection seek the help of a
qualified electrician. 
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