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Mounting Instructions:
The 08GTi tweeter includes
accessories for four different
mounting configurations. Take a
look at all the possibilities
described in the following para-
graphs, pick one, follow the
steps and you’ll soon be done!
Surface Mounting 
a) Using the Mounting Plate
Template at the back of this
manual. Pick a mounting 
location for the tweeter making
sure that speaker wire can be
run to this location. Flat surfaces
work best. Drill the holes as
shown on the template in the
desired mounting location. Use
" mounting screws to
secure the mounting plate in
place as shown in Figure A.
b)  Run the included speaker
wire with the 08GTi crossover to
the wire feed-through hole and
connect the wire to the tweeter
making sure to connect + to +
and – to –.
c) Push the tweeter down onto
the mounting plate making sure
to line up the bayonet tabs with
the slots in the tweeter housing.
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