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Autosound at its Best
The 08GTi has been built to
meet the same rigorous stan-
dards of construction and perfor-
mance that have long estab-
lished JBL’s renowned home and
professional speaker systems.
The 08GTi incorporates
advanced JBL pure titanium
technology which is especially
suited to the unique acoustic
environment of modern vehicles.
The 08GTi has been engineered
to provide excellent dispersion
and frequency response, along
with minimum size and flexible
installation options for optimizing
placement within the vehicle.
Pure titanium has long been
known to have a very high stiff-
ness to weight ratio, making it
ideal for treble reproduction.
However, only JBL has “tamed”
titanium through a special manu-
facturing process.  The dome of
the 08GTi is created using spe-
cial nitrogen gas cooled forming
machines which can create a
uniformly paper-thin dome with-
out the work-hardening or defor-
mation which causes resonances
in domes made without benefit of
this process.
The result is exceptionally
smooth and detailed high fre-
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