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7. Immunity to RF voltages (in common mode)(S2b)
7.1 Test criteria  and test procedure
Operating environment;
: 17 ℃
Relative Humidity  
: 42 %
During the test of immunity to RF voltages(in common mode), the EUT was 
placed 0.1m above a metallic ground plane of dimensions 2 x 1m.
The criterion concerning acceptable sound interference is a wanted to 
unwanted audio signal ratio of ≥40dB at a wanted signal level of 50mW
The requirements for receivers,multifuction equipment and video tape 
equipment concerning the immunity to RF voltages in common mode are 
restricted to the antenna terminals and to the frequency range from 26㎒ to
30㎒. The cables linking the coupling units to the EUT was short .
A bandpass filter was connected to the test system and was used for the EUT 
AF outputs.
All unused inputs/outputs of the coupling units was terminated with the 
proper resistance.
The power cable of the EUT was uniformly bundled together and as short
as possible.
The measurement are performed with TS9980 
7.2 Measurement uncertainty
Immunity to conducted currents : ± 2dB
7.3 Test result immunity to conducted currents.
The equipment does comply with the requirements.
For the measurement data,  see annex C.
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