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9. Screening effectiveness(S4)
9.1 Test criteria and test procedure for VHF band II receiver.
Operating environment;
: 17 ℃
Relative Humidity  
: 42 %
The equipment under test was placed on a non-metallic table of height 0.8m.
At the side of the antenna input terminal of the equipment under test, a 
non-metallic table of length 4m was placed at the same height to provide
for movement of the measuring device, an absorbing clamp. 
An RF signal generator is placed on a third table.
The equipment under test is connected to the generator, but not connected to 
the mains supply.
The signal from the generator is at the test frequency and unmodulated.
9.2 Measurement uncertainty
Screen effective : ± 2dB
9.3 Test results screen effective
The equipment does comply with the requirements.
For the measurement data, see annex E.
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