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Copying Equipment / PLANETPRESS datasheet

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In addition, you will be able to add targeted changing 
messages or information, based upon what you know
about your customer. 
PlanetPress 4 is a complete software solution that 
integrates with your existing hardware and 
software infrastructure, and scales with the size of 
your business operation. 
• Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms
• Move to flexible open system laser printers
• Improve output quality and corporate image
• Easily manage distributed printing of transactional
• Control printer paper handling and finishing features 
Low-cost, high-speed, 
variable content printing
Business Applications
Statements and billing. Enhance your corporate
image with high quality documents. Automatically
print Terms & Conditions, instructions or special
offers, including varying messages or graphics
based upon your customers purchases, time of
year, or any other information contained within the
data stream. No human intervention, no mistakes. 
Multi-part business form replacement.
Eliminate pre-printed multi-part business forms.
Each copy is now as crisp and easy to read as the
one before. Bursting or decollating, having to
manage an inventory of pre-printed forms and
wasting obsolete forms are no longer a concern. 
Financial and insurance documents. Eliminate
the pre-printing and manual assembly of policies.
Automatically print the customer chosen policies
and riders based upon the information contained
within the data stream for a highly professional
and personalized approach. 
Barcodes and labels. Increase workflow efficiency.
Print industry standard bar codes, even those
used by major overnight shipping companies,
from any host data. Simultaneously print pick 
tickets and labels such as shelf & item, pack &
ship and UPC. 
Green bar report printing. Print faster, reduce
storage size, split and distribute reports by
departments. Green bar reports are easily printed
2-up and duplex on regular cut sheet paper and
offer logically  forced front pages. 
The old way.
The new way with PlanetPress.
* Remote, distributed printing and alternate electronic output management requires companion
products in the 
PlanetPress Suite.
Transactional Document Overview
System Requirements
the printer and
printed at engine
Unchanged legacy
print data sent for
reformatting on the
printer, not the host
Original Legacy print job
used once for document design.
Any host
UNIX (any flavour), VAX (VMS),
NetWare, Mainframe, Windows, iSeries.
Easy document creation. Create documents rapidly with easy, 
drag and drop tools and wizard driven design processes. Consult 
thorough context sensitive online help to learn more quickly, on the job.
WYSIWYG formatting. Format content using tools comparable to 
standard word processing applications.
Drag and drop data import. View the data stream, make a selection 
and then place it in the document. PlanetPress automatically senses 
and formats the incoming data.
Conditional variable content. Text and graphics can logically appear 
or disappear, according to the business need, based upon information 
contained within the data stream. Print the right elements, for the right 
customers, every time. Line conditions are also supported, changing 
for example the font or color of a line based upon information within
that line.
Graphics support. Include graphics originating from standard formats 
including BMP, TIFF, JPG, EPS and PDF, with full color support. 
Preview large graphics and process them quickly with automatic 
optimization. Place, rotate and resize graphics directly in the document.
Color support. Manage color profiles based on printing criteria to 
ensure accurate on-screen rendering of documents through the 
creation process.
Direct control over printer finishing features. When designing 
variable content documents for a specific printer, incorporate 
commands to call finishing features such as stapling, collating and 
Multilingual interfaces. As you work with PlanetPress interface, 
choose from several language options. The double byte character 
support is also built right in.
Data driven pie, line and bar charts. Use wizard driven tools to 
include dynamic graphic data representation with labels.
Data driven bar codes. Use wizard driven tools to generate industry 
standard bar codes including: PDF-417, UPC/EAN, Code 39, Code 128 
and PostNet.
Security. Manage document access and privileges with passwords to 
protect content.
All registered trademarks displayed are the property of their respective owners.
Automated workflow tool to 
capture and route documents 
to their destination. 
Transmit documents through 
a fax board or server.
Locate and retrieve indexed 
PDF files created with 
PlanetPress Image.
Enable design and printing
of transactional and variable
content documents.
Automatically generate 
, files 
email and archive.
 III or better, or equivalent,
 Windows NT
 4.0 with SP6a, Windows
with SP2, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended),
500 MB of available hard-disk space,
800x600 color monitor with 16-bit color or greater
graphics card (1024x768 recommended).
 or Acrobat Reader
 5.0 or higher.
 6.0 included on CD).
Additional Requirements for Windows NT 4.0
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. MDAC 2.5 or higher.
JET 4.0 or higher. Script 5.5 or higher.
Note: All are included on the CD.
Printer Requirements
 language Level 2 or 3 compatible printer.
16 MB of RAM (48 MB recommended).
Hard-disk or flash memory recommended.
Input from any tray.
Output to any bin.
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Here you can view online or download Sharp PLANETPRESS (serv.man8) Brochure in pdf. This Brochure can help you recover, restore, fix, disassemble and repair Sharp PLANETPRESS (serv.man8) Copying Equipment. Information contained in Sharp PLANETPRESS (serv.man8) service manual (repair manual) typically includes:

  • Disassembly, troubleshooting, programming, maintenance, remote, adjustment, installation and setup instructions.
  • Schematics, wiring and block diagrams.
  • Printed wiring boards (PWB) and printed circuit boards (PCB).
  • Parts list (bill of materials).