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Copying Equipment / PLANETPRESS WATCH datasheet

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PlanetPress Watch is your gateway to automated local
and remote printing, integrated PDF, TIFF and JPG 
generation for archiving, emailing and faxing* – all with 
no human intervention.
• Route through user-defined business rules
Workflow Features
Capture data. From one central location,
PlanetPress Watch can capture data streams
from almost any source: shared folders, LPD,
the Internet, Windows print queues, serial
input, emails, FTP, ODBC compliant databases,
Telnet and more.
From data to documents. PlanetPress Watch
looks at the data and routes it to the appropriate 
also be processed to be split into several files,
to search and replace items, to query ODBC
compliant databases for additional information,
for business rules to be applied or to be
conditionally redirected.
Distribute your documents. Print at optimum
speed on local/remote PostScript printers; send
electronic versions, email, fax and archive
them. Automatically post a digital version of
What you need 
Where you need it
Document destination automation
* Remote, distributed printing and alternate electronic output management require companion
products in the 
PlanetPress Suite.
Receive a data stream from virtually any host:
Windows Print Queue | LPD Queue
Directory | Email | Serial Capture 
Timer | Telnet | FTP. 
Legacy &
PlanetPress Watch acts like a printer on the
network. Data is analyzed and routed based
on user-defined rules. Intelligent Document
triggers are automatically inserted.
Send to any number of printers
based upon user-defined rules
(stirngs in the data stream,
size of print job, time of day and
name of file).
PDF files can be
generated and
emailed to addresses
embedded within the
data stream or in an
external data source. 
Files can be deleted if certain
conditions are met or once
the process has completed.
Local/Remote production,
workgroup and/or desktop
Documents such as order 
confirmations can be sent
directly by fax.
be transmitted is printed
for tracking purposes.
Indexed PDF,
TIFF or JPG files can be
generated for archive
in Electronic Document
Management Systems or
in a directory.
Automated workflow tool to 
capture and route documents 
to their destination. 
Transmit documents through 
a fax board or server.
Locate and retrieve indexed 
PDF files created with 
PlanetPress Image.
Enable design and printing
of transactional and variable
content documents.
Visual representation of workflow. Easily track where individual
data streams are routed and the outcome of the output. 
No coding required!
Bidirectional communication. Use SNMP conditions to reroute
the data if the printer is off-line, out of paper, etc.
Windows service. PlanetPress Watch runs as a Windows service 
for enhanced security and peace of mind.
Trigger Intelligent Documents. Intelligent Documents created 
with PlanetPress can be triggered automatically according to the
data stream.
Numerous data sources. Data can be captured from the host
via LPR, Windows print queues, shared folders, email messages 
(Outlook and POP3), ODBC compliant databases, Telnet, FTP and
Raw Socket printing.
Conditional routing and output. Set business rules based on 
the contents of the data, its file name, size, or else to route 
the documents to printers, email and/or fax recipients, archive or
shared folders.
Job splitter. Set rules to split single jobs into several data streams
based on values or characters found in the data.
Output options. Data or digital documents can be sent to
LAN/WAN/Desktop printers, folders, FTP sites, email or fax 
recipients and TCP/IP addresses. 
Cluster printing. Automatically distribute PlanetPress Intelligent
Documents to clusters of printers. Perform queue balancing, 
round robin or job splitting for greater speed and efficiency.
Reprints. Backup all print jobs for a user-defined period, allowing 
for reprints.
Extended logging capabilities. Each job is logged.
PlanetPress Watch interfaces with the Windows Event logs
to provide valuable information helping you with the ongoing
development of your operation.
Documentation and online help. Comprehensive documentation
structured to make learning and using all modules easy, efficient 
and practical. 
All registered trademarks displayed are the property of their respective owners.
Automatically generate 
, files 
email and archive.
System Requirements
 III or better, or equivalent,
 Windows NT
 4.0 with SP6a, Windows
with SP2, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended),
500 MB of available hard-disk space,
800x600 color monitor with 16-bit color or greater
graphics card (1024x768 recommended).
 or Acrobat Reader
 5.0 or higher.
 6.0 included on CD).
Additional Requirements for Windows NT 4.0
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. MDAC 2.5 or higher.
JET 4.0 or higher. Script 5.5 or higher.
Note: All are included on the CD.
Printer Requirements
 language Level 2 or 3 compatible printer.
16 MB of RAM (48 MB recommended).
Hard-disk or flash memory recommended.
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Here you can view online or download Sharp PLANETPRESS (serv.man9) Brochure in pdf. This Brochure can help you recover, restore, fix, disassemble and repair Sharp PLANETPRESS (serv.man9) Copying Equipment. Information contained in Sharp PLANETPRESS (serv.man9) service manual (repair manual) typically includes:

  • Disassembly, troubleshooting, programming, maintenance, remote, adjustment, installation and setup instructions.
  • Schematics, wiring and block diagrams.
  • Printed wiring boards (PWB) and printed circuit boards (PCB).
  • Parts list (bill of materials).