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1 Safety Precautions
1. Before servicing, unplug the AC power cord to prevent an electric shock.
2. When replacing parts, use only the manufacturer's recommended components.
3. Check the condition of the power cord. Replace if wear or damage is evident.
4. After servicing, be sure to restore the lead dress, insulation barriers, insulation papers, shields, etc.
5. Before returning the serviced equipment to the customer, be sure to perform the following insulation resistance test to prevent
the customer from being exposed to shock hazards.
For Service Technicians 
• Repair service shall be provided in accordance with repair technology information such as service manual so as to prevent fires,
injury or electric shock, which can be caused by improper repair work.
1. When repair services are provided, neither the products nor their parts or members shall be remodeled.
2. If a lead wire assembly is supplied as a repair part, the lead wire assembly shall be replaced.
3. FASTON terminals shall be plugged straight in and unplugged straight out.
• ICs and LSIs are vulnerable to static electricity.
When repairing, the following precautions will help prevent recurring malfunctions.
1. Cover plastic parts boxes with aluminum foil.
2. Ground the soldering irons.
3. Use a conductive mat on worktable.
4. Do not grasp IC or LSI pins with bare fingers.
Insulation Resistance Test
1. Unplug the power cord and short the two prongs of the plug with a jumper wire.
2. Turn on the power switch.
3. Measure the resistance value with ohmmeter between the jumpered AC plug and each exposed metal cabinet part, such as
screw threads, control shafts, handle brackets, etc.
Some exposed parts may be isolated from the chassis by design. These will read infinity.
4. If the measurement is outside the specified limits, there is a possibility of shock hazard. The equipment should be repaired
and rechecked before it is returned to the customer.
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