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– 5 –
• Power does not come on.
• No power is supplied to the PJ.
• AC power supply is faulty.
• Power does not come on.
• Load on power line is shorted.
• +135V is too high.
• Vertical deflection pulse is
• Vertical size is too small.
• Vertical deflection stopped.
• No raster is generated.
• CRT cathode current detection
reference pulse output is small.
• Abnormal High voltage.
• Abnormal
• +5v down.
• There is picture but speaker does
not release sound.
• Power is shut down shortly, after
this return back to normal.
• Detect Micro latch up.
The unit in this manual contain a self-diagnostic function. If any error occurs, the STANDBY/TIMER lamp will automatically
begin to flash.
The number of times the lamp flashes translates to a probable source of the problem. A definition of the STANDBY/TIMER
lamp flash indicators is listed in the instruction manual for the user's knowledge and reference. If an error symptom cannot be
reproduced, the remote commander can be used to review the failure occurrence data stored in memory to reveal past problems
and how often these problems occur.
When any error occurs, the STANDBY/TIMER lamp will flash a set number of times to indicate the possible cause of the
problem. If there is more than one error, the lamp will identify the first of the problem areas.
Result for all of the following diagnostic items are displayed on screen. No error has occurred if the screen displays a “0”.
002:000 or
002:001 ~ 255
003:000 or
003:001 ~ 255
004:000 or
004:001 ~ 255
005:000 or
005:001 ~ 255
006:000 or
006:001 ~ 255
007:000 or
007:001 ~ 255
101:000 or
101:001 ~ 255
No. of times
lamp flashes
Detected Symptoms
• Power does not
turn on
• +B overcurrent
• +B overvoltage
• Vertical deflection
• White balance
•Horizontal deflection
failure or +5v down
or High Voltage
• Audio Protection
• Micro reset
Diagnostic result
Probable Cause Location
Does not light
2 times
3 times
4 times
5 times
6 times
7 times
• Power cord is not plugged in.
• Fuse (F6701) is burned out.
(G board)
• H. OUT Q8024 is shorted.
• H. LIN Q8027 is shorted.
(D board)
• HV OUT Q8043 is shorted.
• PH6001 faulty.
• +19V is not supplied.
(G board)
• V. OUT IC8003 faulty.
(D board)
• G2 is improperly adjusted.
(Note 1)
• CRT problem.
• Video OUT IC9101 (CR
board), IC9201 (CG board),
IC9001 (CB board) are faulty.
• IC8306 (J board) and IC4300
(E board) are faulty.
• No connection E board to CR
• IC6502 (G board) faulty.
• HV Circuit failure.
• Power supply fails.
• IC1203,1204 (A board) faulty.
•Discharge CRT
(CR, CG, CB boards)
• Static discharge
• External noise
Note 1 : Refer to screen (G2) adjustment in section 3-2 of this manual.
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