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RM-Y905 RM-Y905
The operating instructions mentioned here are par tial abstracts from the
Operating Instructions Manual. The page numbers of the Operating
Instruction Manual remain as in the manual. (Part no : 4-077-172-11)
Installing and Connecting the Projection TV (continued)
Using This Manual
• Operate the projection TV only on 120 V
• The plug is designed, for safety purposes,
to fit into the wall outlet only one way. If
you are unable to insert the plug fully into
the outlet, contact your dealer.
• If any liquid or solid object should fall
inside the cabinet, unplug the projection
TV immediately and have it checked by
qualified service personnel before
operating it further.
• If you will not be using the projection TV
for several days, disconnect the power by
pulling the plug itself. Never pull on the
For details concerning safety precautions, see the
supplied leaflet “IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS.”
Note on cleaning
Clean the cabinet of the projection TV with a
dry soft cloth.  To remove dust from the
screen, wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
Stubborn stains may be removed with a cloth
slightly dampened with solution of mild soap
and warm water.  Never use strong solvents
such as thinner or benzine for cleaning.
If the picture becomes dark after using the
projection TV for a long period of time, it may
be necessary to clean the inside of the
projection TV. Consult qualified service
We recommend that you carefully review
the contents of the following four sections in
the order provided to ensure that you fully
understand the operation of your new
projection TV.
Installing and Connecting the Projection
This section guides you through your
initial set up. It shows you how to install
your projection TV, to connect your new
components and to connect to the
antenna and cable.
Basic Set Up
This section teaches you the basic skills
needed to operate your new projection
TV, including Auto Set Up. It shows you
how to operate the remote control’s
special functions.
Using Your New Projection TV
This section shows you how to begin
using your new projection TV. It shows
you how to use your remote control’s
Adjusting Your Set Up (menus)
This section teaches you how to access
on-screen menus and adjust your
projection TV’s settings.
Instructions in this manual are written for the remote
control. Similar controls may be found on the projection
TV console.
• To prevent internal heat buildup, do not
block the ventilation openings.
• Do not install the projection TV in a hot or
humid place, or in a place subject to
excessive dust or mechanical vibration.
• Avoid operating the projection TV at
temperatures below 5° C (41° F).
• If the projection TV is transported directly
from a cold to a warm location, or if the
room temperature changes suddenly, the
picture may be blurred or show poor
color. In this case, please wait a few hours
to let the moisture evaporate before
turning on the projection TV.
• To obtain the best picture, do not expose
the screen to direct illumination or direct
sunlight. It is recommended to use spot
lighting directed down from the ceiling or
to cover the windows that face the screen
with opaque drapery. It is desirable to
install the projection TV in a room where
the floor and walls are not of a reflective
Installing and Connecting the Projection TV
Recommended viewing area
Carrying Your Projection TV
Carrying the projection TV requires three or
more people.
The projection TV has been equipped with
casters for easy movement on a hard surface.
Please move your projection TV using the
Installing the Projection TV
Recommended viewing area
min. 1.8m (approx. 6 ft.)
min. 2.1m (approx. 7 ft.)
min. 2.4m (approx. 8 ft.)
min. 2.1m (approx. 7ft.)
min. 2.4m (approx. 8ft.)
min. 1.8m (approx. 6ft.)
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