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VC-T72H (serv.man18) Circuit diagram Audio Service Manual 1 52.75 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man19) Parts listing Parts Guide 16 525.9 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man2) Service manual front cover to page 10 Service Manual 10 269.66 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man20) Will not accept tape. Technical Bulletin 1 34.97 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man21) Countermeasure to poor rewind. Technical Bulletin 1 34.45 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man22) Countermeasure to capstan motor slowing down or stopping during playback or record. Technical Bulletin 1 33.51 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man3) PWB-C waveforms and layout Service Manual 1 221.99 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man4) PWB-B and PWB-X waveforms and layout Service Manual 1 195.86 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man5) PWB-A waveforms and layout Service Manual 1 379.07 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man6) Overall schematic Service Manual 1 89.77 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man7) Notes on schematic diagram Service Manual 2 43.8 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man8) Mechanical adjustments and disassembly Service Manual 14 506.73 KB
VC-T72H (serv.man9) Electronic adjustments Service Manual 8 206.76 KB
Total Sharp VCR Service Manuals : 2073
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