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VC-A131HM (serv.man8) Packaging Weights Data Regulatory Data 1 5.42 KB
VC-A140HM Service manual front cover to page 4 Service Manual 4 126.91 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man10) Circuit diagram Main 2 Service Manual 1 119.16 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man11) Circuit diagram Head amplifier Service Manual 1 60.22 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man12) Parts listing Parts Guide 16 524.63 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man13) Will not accept tape. Technical Bulletin 1 34.97 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man14) Countermeasure to capstan motor slowing down or stopping during playback or record. Technical Bulletin 1 33.51 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man15) Part number for the capstan motor IC Technical Bulletin 1 5.61 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man16) Part number for pinch roller kit Technical Bulletin 1 5.63 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man17) Counter measure for intermittent stopping of the capstan motor Technical Bulletin 1 6.83 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man18) Counter measure for slow rewind Technical Bulletin 1 6.91 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man19) Details of changes in production Technical Bulletin 1 7.19 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man2) Trouble shooting guide Service Manual 4 109.74 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man20) Packaging Weights Data Regulatory Data 1 4.35 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man3) Overall schematic Service Manual 1 85.32 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man4) Notes on the schematic diagram Service Manual 2 145.71 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man5) Mechanical adjustments and assembly Service Manual 18 698.87 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man6) Electical adjustments Service Manual 6 177.27 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man7) Circuit diagram Y C and Audio Service Manual 1 162.58 KB
VC-A140HM (serv.man8) Circuit diagram Timer and operation Service Manual 1 66.09 KB
Total Sharp VCR Service Manuals : 2073
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