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Description of Main ICs
IC1301 (CXA2069Q)
This IC is a 7-input, 3-output selector.
The video signals other than those for the PC, components and RGB input, which have been input from each input
connector and the tuner, and all the audio signals are sent to the IC1301 and then selected.
Output 1 is used internally and output 3 in the monitor output.
When the S video input is output to the monitor, Y and C signals are mixed in this IC.
The video signals sent to the IC1301 are then input to the YC separation circuits, IC405 (main) and IC402 (sub).
The audio signals are input to the PC I/F Unit via IC2501 (sound processor).
IC1401 (MM1519XQ)
This IC is a 4-input, 8-output video selector for component input.
The AV3 component input, AV1, RGB input, and Teletext RGB signals are input to the IC1401.  The output signals
go to the main, sub, and component channels.
IC1601 (SDA5550M).
This IC is a microprocessor for Teletext.
Video signals are input to the IC1601, which then decodes the Teletex data and outputs it as RGB data.
IC2501 (IX3371CE)
This IC is used to decode audio signals.
It serves as both the S IF decoder and the selector for the input audio data.
IC801/IC802 (TB1274AF)
This IC synchronizes video and chroma signals for PAL/NTSC/SECAM colour televisions.
Its video circuit includes a high-performance image quality compensation circuit and its chroma circuit a PAL/
NTSC/SECAM automatic selection circuit.  The PAL-M/N clock signals at 4.43 and 8.58 MHz are internally generated
for colour demodulation.
The PAL/SECAM demodulation circuit uses a base band signal processing system with built-in IH DL and is
therefore adjustment-free.
The IC801/IC802 has 4 lines for YC signal input, 2 lines for RGB signal input, and 2 lines for colour difference
signal input.  It receives colour different signals for the main and sub channels from IC405 (main), IC402 (sub), and
IC1401 in the former stage, and provides 1 line for colour difference signal output.
IC803 (CXA2101Q)
This IC consists of a base band signal processing section for colour different input, an RGB signal processing
section, and a 4-line video switch (including HV synchronizing signal processing).
Input selection is performed by INPUT-SEL (I
C BUS).  YCbCr, HD YPbPr, GBR and their respective HV synchronizing
signals are input to each line.
As the multi-scanning compliance range, a horizontal scanning frequency of 15~60 kHz can be input.
IC1901 (IX3566CE)
This IC is FPGA for the synchronizing system.
It creates sand castle pulses for IC803 and generates horizontal blanking signals.
IC604 (TA1318AF)
This IC synchronizes TV component signals.
The IC804 incorporates the necessary functions for measuring the frequency of input signals and synchronous
replay into a single chip, and is applicable for horizontal synchronous replay (15.75, 31.5, 33.75, and 45 kHz) and
vertical synchronous replay (525I, 525P, 625I, 750P, 1125I, 1125P, PAL 100 Hz, and NTSC 120 Hz).

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