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LC-42XL2E/S/RU, LC-46XL2E/S/RU, LC-46X20E/S/RU, LC-52XL2E/S/RU, LC-52X20E/S/RU
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Service Manual
1.1. IC7504 (VHiTDA9886+-1Y)
The TDA9886 is an alignment-free multistandard (PAL, SECAM and NTSC) vision and sound IF signal PLL demodulator for positive and negative
modulation, including sound AM and FM processing.
1.2. IC7507 (VHiCE6353++-1Q)
CE6353 DVB-T demodulator meets the performance requirements of NorDig Unified 1.0.2 standard. The device includes a high-performance 10-bit
A/D converter capable of accepting direct IF integrated digital filtering and requires only a single 8 MHz channel SAW filter for 6, 7 and 8 MHz COFDM
signal reception, plus a 7-bit ADC for RF level indication.
1.3. IC506 (VHiMM3151XQ-1Q)
This video switch controlled by the I2C bus is used to switch between component signal, S-video signal and composite signal.
The signal group input from each input terminal and the tuner is selected by the control signal of the I2C bus.
The selected output signal is fed to IC3301 (IXC010WJ) of the video processor circuit.
1.4. IC1402 (VHiR2S15502-1Y)
R2S15502SP is a Sound Multiplex Decoder IC.
It supports the NICAM and A2 system.
It incorporates the high-speed ADC, and all processings are digitally implemented including demodulation.
1.5. IC1403 (VHiTAS3108D-1Y)
This IC is an audio processor for the digital TV and a 1-chip IC equipping the DSP only for audio with the AD/DA converter.
The 48bit DSP core has a processing capability of 135MHz and 675MIPS and realizes the high-quality audio processing.
1.6. IC1404 (VHiAK4683EQ-1Q)
1-chip 24bit CODEC (COmpression/DECompression) with a built-in 2ch ADC and 4ch ADC. The ADC has the enhanced dual bit architecture to real-
ize the wide dynamic range. The DAC adopts the newly-developed advanced multi-bit architecture to achieve wider dynamic range and low outband
noise. It also incorporates the digital audio receiver (DIR) and transmitter (DIT) compatible with 192kHz and 24bit. The DIR automatically detects
Non-PCM data stream such as Dolby Digital (AC-3). For the digital audio output, ADC output or external digital input can be selected. The control is
set through the serial 
µP I/F.
1.7. IC1301 (VHiYDA147SZ-1Y)
High-efficiency digital audio power amplifier IC with maximum power output of 20W (Vddp=14V, RL=4
Ω) x 2ch.
It incorporates the “DRC (Dynamic range compression)” function. Since the volume is increased at low volume level and is decreased at high volume
level, it is possible to prevent sudden volume change. It is also provided with the “power limiter” which can set the output limit.
1.8. IC402 (VHiBD9305AF-1Y)
1ch step-down switching regulator control
It supplies a power supply voltage of +5.0V.
1.9. IC9601/9603/9604/9606 (VHiTPS40055-1Y)
DC/DC converter IC. It supplies power supply voltages of 3.3/1.8/1.3/1.2V.
This IC has various user programming functions such as operation frequency, soft-start time, voltage feed forward, high-side current limit, and exter-
nal loop compensation. It is also provided with the stabilized 10V gate drive power supply for the boot strap charging circuit of the high-side N channel
MOSFET and the driver for the low-side synchronous rectification MOSFET.
1.10. IC9602 (VHiMP2367DN-1Y)
Monolithic step down regulator.
It supplies a power supply voltage of D5.0V.
• Programmable Soft-Start.
• Fixed 340kHz frequency.
• Cycle-by-Cycle over current protection.
• Input Under Voltage Lockout.
LC-42XL2E/S/RU, LC-46XL2E/S/RU, LC-46X20E/S/RU, LC-52XL2E/S/RU, LC-52X20E/S/RU
5 – 2
1.11. IC1507 (VHiSii9185+-1Q)
Sil9185 is a 3-input/1-output switch compatible with HDMI1.3.
• Built in Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) support
• Individual control of Hot Plug Detect (HPD) for each port
• 5V detect to help speed soft mute of audio during plug-in, plug-out conditions
• Control via local I2C bus.
• Supports video resolutions up to 1080p, 60Hz, 12-bit or 720p/1080i, 120Hz, 12-bit
• Built-in adaptive equalizer provides long cable support even at deep color resolutions
• Pre-emphasis in transmitter
• DVI 1.0, HDCP 1.1 and HDMI 1.3 compliant receiver and transmitter
1.12. IC803 (VHiSii9181+-1Q)
Single output, Single input HDMI buffer.
• Built in Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) support
• Control of the Hot Plug Detect (HPD) signal
• 5V detect to help speed soft mute of audio during plug-in, plug-out conditions
• Control via local I2C bus.
• Supports video resolutions up to 1080p, 60Hz, 12-bit or 720p/1080i, 120Hz, 12-bit
• Built-in adaptive equalizer provides long cable support even at deep color resolutions
• Pre-emphasis in transmitter
• DVI 1.0, HDCP 1.1 and HDMI 1.3 compliant receiver and transmitter
1.13. IC9101 (RH-iXC121WJQZQ)
This IC performs the CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) RESET, I/O and Bus control.
1.14. IC8101 (RH-iXC011WJQZQ)
HIDTVPro-LX Digital AV decoder & Main CPU.
• Master CPU with MMU.
• DDR2 memory up to 256mHz.
• Two Transport stream inputs, DVB compliant.
• Two HD MPEG2 video decoders.
• Demux, supports two TS inputs and one PS input.
• DVB_CI, up to two PCMCIA slots for CAM cards.
⋅ ⋅ ⋅ audio.
• 1920 x 1080p de-interlacing.
• Graphics engine.
• Two video planes and graphics planes with Alpha blender, overlay, scrolling, flashing, colour key, ARB support.
• Smart-Cards/UART/infrared IR/RTC/two HW timers/interrupt/Key button ADCs.
• Flash/IDE/PCI Host.
• Audio interface: AC97 link/I2S_out/I2S_in/SPDIF and lip-sync.
• Digital 24-bit RGB/YUV inputs.
• Dual port/Single port LVDS output.
• USB2.0 HOST/PHY built with EHCI.
• CVBS/S-video/YCbCr output.
• Two HD, 1920 x 1080p.
1.15. IC8701 (VHiS29GL128-1Q)
128Mbit Flash memory.
3.0V single power supply, page mode flash memory. It memorizes the program and broadcast data area.
LC-42XL2E/S/RU, LC-46XL2E/S/RU, LC-46X20E/S/RU, LC-52XL2E/S/RU, LC-52X20E/S/RU
5 – 3
1.16. IC8702 (RH-iXC150WJQZY)
The ICS275 field programmable VCXO clock synthesizer generates up to four high-quality, high-frequency clock outputs including multiple reference
clocks from a low-frequency crystal input. Using ICS’ VersaClockTM software to configure PLLs and outputs, the ICS275 contains a One-Time Pro-
grammable (OTP) ROM for field programmability. Programming features include VCXO, eight selectable configuration registers and up to two sets of
two low-skew outputs.
Using Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device runs from a standard fundamental mode, inexpensive crystal, or clock. 
1.17. IC8301-4 (RH-iXC154WJQZQ)
4M x 16Bit x 4 Banks graphic DDR2 Synchronous DRAM with Differential Data Strobe.
Program, DTV video buffer.
1.18. IC3301 (RH-IXC010WJQZQ)
SVP-WX Video Processor.
• Integrated HDMI Receiver
• Integrated De-interlacing
• Integrated ADC
• SRC (Scan Rate Conversion) Improvement
• PC Auto Tune
• Built-in LVDS Transmitter
• Scaling Engine
• DNR-Digital Noise Reduction Filter
• Advanced Chroma Processing
• Color Management
• RCR (Real Color Reproducer)
• Dynamic Contrast Improvement
• Integrated 3D Digital Comb Video Decoder with Programmable Filter
• Inverse Color Space Conversion (ICSC)
• Frame Rate Conversion
• Fast Blank
• Built-in ADC to decode one FB and two FS signals to support dual SCART solutions
• Teletext
• Memory Interface
• DCR Advanced Image Processing
• Multi Screen Display Mode
• OSD and VBI/Closed Caption
• Advanced OSD Engine
1.19. IC3501-2 (RH-iXC163WJQZQ)
1M x 32Bit x 4 Banks Double Data Rate Synchronous DRA with Bi-directional Data Strobe and DLL.
Video buffer.
1.20. IC2002 (RH-iXB986WJQZQ)
The monitor microprocessor is intended to communicate with the main microprocessor and to operate the system. It also controls power of the entire
1.21. IC7801 (9NK2510067610) L6562DTR
Transition-mode PFC (Power Factor Corrector) controller.
The PFC circuit is adopted to improve the power factor of electricity and total harmonic distortion (THD).
• Realised in BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) technology.
• Transition-mode control of Pre-Regulators.
• Proprietary multiplier design for minimum THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of AC input current.
• Very precise adjustable output Over-voltage protection.
LC-42XL2E/S/RU, LC-46XL2E/S/RU, LC-46X20E/S/RU, LC-52XL2E/S/RU, LC-52X20E/S/RU
5 – 4
1.22. IC7905 (9NK2510293234) TNY264PN
Enhanced, Energy Efficient, Low Power Off-line Switcher.
It supplies a power supply voltage of BU5V.
• Fully integrated auto restart for short circuit and open loop fault protection saves external component costs
• Built-in circuitry practically eliminates audible noise with ordinary varnished transformer
• Programmable line under voltage detect feature prevents power on/off glitches saves external components
• Frequency jittering dramatically reduces EMI (~10 dB)- minimizes EMI filter component costs
1.23. IC7603 (9NK2633003842) DLA001DTR
High voltage resonant controller.
It supplies power supply voltages of INV60V/S15V/UR15V/PNL12V.
• High voltage rail up to 600V.
• CMOS shut down input.
• Under voltage lock out.
• Soft start frequency sgifting timming.
• Sense OP AMP for closed loop control or protection features.
• High accuracy current controlled oscillator.
• Integrated bootstrap diode.
• Clamping ON Vs.
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