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                          Main IC Function Description
1. IC2510 (A385WJ)     S/PDIF
This is an audio encoder IC that converts signals to the S/PDIF format.
This IC is optically connected to an external digital audio device, allowing you to enjoy digital sound on an
2  IC3202 (A416WJ)     MSP
This is an audio signal processing IC called a multi-standard sound processor.
This IC not only processes the audio signal of all standard analog TV broadcasts worldwide, it also
incorporates the NICAM digital sound standard.
3  IC2521 (CXA2040A)     VIDEO-SW
This is an I2S BUS-compliant, 5-input, 3-output video switch.
This switch is used to select the digital tuner output, analog tuner output, composite video input, and S-
terminal input.
4  IC1603 (6258308X)     2M-SRAM
This is a 256K x 8 bit CMOS static RAM.
This IC is used to store TELTEXT signals (which are broadcast simultaneously) in the memory.
These signals are output by a command from the TELTEXT micon as necessary.
5  IC1602 (A134WJ)    4M-FLASH
This IC is a 4Mb dual operation flash memory.
It incorporates a TELTEXT micon program, and it outputs data on a command from the TELTEXT micon.
6  IC1601 (SDA5550M)     TELETEXT
The SDA5550M is a single chip teletext decoder for decoding World System teletext data as well as Video
Programming System (VPS), Program Delivery Control (PDC), and Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) data
used for PAL plus transmissions (line23).
This is a 16-bit single chip microcomputer that uses a high-performance silicon gate CMOS process. Although
this microcomputer uses high-functionality commands, it has a high-command efficiency. It has a 1Mbyte
address space and it has the ability to carry out instructions at high speed. It also incorporates an OSD and
a data slicer. This microcomputer supports closed captions (an official teletext broadcast standard for hearing-
impaired people) and ID1 (525p compliant).
8  IC801 (VPC3230D)     VPC
This IC is an I2S BUS-compliant video processor.
This IC works as a 4H comb filter, Y/C separator, PAL/NTSC/SECAM color decoder, PIP processor, etc. Its
results are output as an 8-bit Y-OUT/CrCb-OUT signal which is supplied to a scaler.
9  IC4601 (FLI2310)     SCALER
This IC is an I2S BUS-compliant scaler IC.
The FLI2310 is a highly integrated digital video format converter for DTV and DVD applications using
patented deinterlacing and post-processing algorithms from Faroudja Laboratories, coupled with highly
flexible scaling, a wide variety of aspect ratio conversions, and other special video enhancing features to
produce the highest quality image.
10  IC4603/IC4516 (A312WJ)      64M-SDRAM
This IC is a 64Mb (2M x 32bit) synchronous DRAM memory.
This IC is used by the progressive converter, format converter (image conversion), and noise reducer on
the scaler (IC4601) and LCD control IC (IC4512). It is also used to store a video signal when correcting the
QS image quality.
11  IC4512 (IXA595)     QS-LCD-CONTROL
This is an LCD control IC for OS driving control that handles three-wire serial communication with the
MICON (IC3501).
It outputs a control signal for driving the liquid crystal panel.
Additionally, it has the function of a Quick Shoot-compliant OSD MIX (including control of the temperature
12  IC4701 (A706WJ)     GRAY-LEVEL
This IC is a gradation reference power supply for a TFT liquid crystal display. It incorporates a gradation
output buffer amplifier (18 circuits), a COM buffer amplifier, and a REF amplifier (reference power supply).
13  IC3405 (NJU26150)     SOUND DSP
This IC is a 24-bit digital audio processor.
It downloads the program stored in the E2PROM IC3407 to the built-in PRAM and then executes it.
Audio data input and output are performed through an I2S serial host interface. There are three data inputs
and three data outputs.
14  IC3406 (NJU26106)     VIRTUAL DOLBY
This is the Virtual Dolby Surround IC, manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
Audio data input and output are performed through an I2S serial host interface.
15  IC3203 (BH3543F)     HP-AMP
This is the dual headphone output amplifier IC.
It incorporates a POP noise prevention circuit and a thermal shut down circuit (150ÅãC) that are used when
turning the power on or off.
16  IC1623 (BA7046F)     SYNC-SEP
This IC incorporates a video synchronization separation circuit, a vertical synchronization separation circuit,
a horizontal oscillation circuit, and a phase-comparison circuit. When a video signal is input, a composite
synchronization signal (SYNC), a vertical synchronization signal (VD), and a horizontal synchronization
signal (HD) are produced.
This IC has both synchronous separation and AFC (Auto Frequency Control) functions.
Pin functions of micr
ocessor IC (IC2510) RH-iXA385WJZZ
Pin functions of micr
ocessor IC (IC3202) RH-iXA416WJZZ
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