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3.2. Main microprocessor software version upgrade
1. How to install
1) Create a folder to install the RC32C on the host PC. (Ex:  RC32C)
2) Copy all the files located in  RC32C folder on CD-ROM to the created folder on the host PC. (Ex.: copy e: rc32c *.* c: rc32c<Enter> e:  is
a drive name of CD-ROM.)
3) Connect the ROM writer to the host PC using USB cable. Please do not connect the ROM writer to the target system this time.
4) Windows plug and play function detects the USB device connection. The corresponding device driver will be installed automatically.
5) Cut off the connection between the ROM writer and the host PC (Plug off USB cable) after the installation of the USB driver has completed.
* If our PD products have executed using USB interface before, the PC will not perform the step (3) ~ (5).
<< Installation of USB device driver>>
When the USB device is detected by Windows plug and play function, the install wizard will start up. Please follow the procedures below to install
the USB device driver.
Connect the host PC to the flash ROM writer via USB cable.
ii) The dialog box will appear as below.
Follow the wizards, and the dialog box will appear for specifying setup information file (inf file). Please select musbdrv.inf located in the folder to be
installed (Ex.: C: RC32C).
NOTE: • The supported OS of the host PC are Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows 2000/XP. The RC32C cannot be used on other OS.
• The power to the flash ROM writer is supplied from the host PC.
• The RC32C is compliant with USB standard 1.1.
• Connection with USB-hub is not supported.
• Appropriate device driver can be installed using wizard by connecting the host PC to the flash ROM writer via USB cable.
• For Windows 2000/XP, please execute the installation from the administrator account.
• During the installation, error message that the device driver musbdrv.sys has not been found might appear. In this case, select musb-
drv.sys stored in the same directory as musbdrv.inf file.
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