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[Item of change] 
No. Item 
Main unit control 
Machine occasionally locks up with “Pleas wait” being displayed even after replenishing the 
paper if the paper becomes empty during printing List of Number of Pages Used of the user 
information (System Settings/User control/Other settings).    This problem has been corrected.   
Main unit control 
Machine occasionally locks up with “Pleas wait” being displayed when rebooting after importing 
Storage Backup data in Address Book on the Web page of the main unit.    This problem has 
been corrected. 
Main unit control 
Engine Soft SW has been established to switch (Enable/Disable) the transfer output: OFF at the 
rear edge of the print as the countermeasure for black line on the rear edge of the paper. 
SIM55-1 SW No.29 Data No.2-3 
00: Disable (Normal operation)    ◆ Default 
01: Disable (Normal operation) 
10: Enable for only Side1 (including the 1-sided print) 
11: Enable for both Side1/Side2 
Main unit control 
In case that the void area is generated at the rear edge of the image when performing 2-sided 
print with the long sized paper, the countermeasure has been added to the engine SW, and the 
default has been changed. 
SIM55-1 SW No.5 Data No.2 
0: No remedy of the void area with the long sized paper 
1: Remedy of the void area with the long sized paper  ◆Default 
*The initial value above will not change when updating the version in the field.    Please change 
the setting if necessary. 
5  Main unit control 
Addition of the control to improve H3 trouble. 
6  Main unit control 
Improvement of the paper alignment when performing Offset output by the shifter. 
7  Main unit/Web 
Support of Arabic on the Web of the main unit/Web Help Page. 
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