MX-5500N, MX-6200N, MX-7000N (serv.man96). CCE 1508 IMPROVEMENT OF PERFORMANCE WHEN OPENING CLOSING DSPF LOWER DOOR — Sharp Copying Equipment Technical Bulletin (repair manual). Page 2

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Location where the rework of the lower door fixing base F has been discontinued: 
Location where the application of the releasing agent has been discontinued: 
1st change 
Before change: 8.5N,After change: 5.1N 
2nd change 
Before change: 11.7N, After change: 7.0N 
Available number of turns 
Before change: 5times,  After change: 6times 
Contact section between the lower door 
lock pawl and the lower door lock spring 
(area shown with the dotted circle)   
Fix the boss in the direction of 
arrow (Upward) 
Cut the boss 
by 1mm 
Lower door fixing base F 
Front frame 
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