MX-5500N, MX-6200N, MX-7000N (serv.man101). IMPORTANT Handling of EEPROM's. — Sharp Copying Equipment Technical Bulletin (repair manual)

MX-5500N MX-6200N MX-7000N (serv.man101)
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Technical Bulletin
Copying Equipment / IMPORTANT Handling of EEPROM's.

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Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., Document Systems Support
 of March 2015 
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Handling of EEPROM’s 
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handling of EEPROM’s installed on the device. 
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., Document Systems Support
■■■ Cautions for Replacement of EEPROM ■■■ 
[1] The case which requires EEPROM replacement 
  (1) The cases which require usage of EEPROM (service parts) 
          - EEPROM was damaged while mounting or detaching. 
          - Inside EEPROM was damaged by for example, static charge generated while handling. 
          - EEPROM data were garbled (after inserting the EEPROM facing the opposite direction). 
          * EEPROM must be initialized and Serial No. must be written into EEPROM at Document   
            Systems Unit (in Nara factory). It is not allowed to use as it is without these procedures. 
    (2) The case which requires usage of EEPROM on PWB attached to the device 
          - Any cases other than (1) above 
          - Replacement of PWB is required. 
[2] Prohibitions for replacement of EEPROM 
      * EEPROM data will be garbled and “U2” trouble may result by performing any of followings. 
    (1) Mounting EEPROM to different model 
    (2) Mounting EEPROM on different PWB for same model 
    (3) Replacing only MFP control PWB or PCU PWB from same PWB for same model   
    (4) Mounting EEPROM facing the opposite of specified direction 
    (5) Mounting new EEPROM (without writing serial number and initializing EEPROM) 
[3] About EEPROM supplied as service parts 
    ■ EEPROM mounted on each PWB 
    ■ EEPROM (Single item) 
    * It is not allowed to use as it is because it is not initialized. 
    EEPROM cannot be initialized in field for security reasons. 
    EEPROM must be initialized. Model name and serial number must be written into EEPROM for   
    MFP control PWB and PCU PWB. 
    (Please request above procedure via e-Quality to handle at Document Systems Unit 
  (in Nara factory) 
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., Document Systems Support
[4] Handling EEPROM’s in case replacement of PWB is required 
    - Make sure to remove the EEPROM on PWB purchased as service parts if replacement of PWB   
      is required. Remove the EEPROM from the PWB attached to the device and mount it to the   
   new PWB.  
      Caution: If service parts EEPROM is mounted as it is without initialization, U2 trouble occurs   
   100% of the time. 
      It is impossible to clear the “U2 trouble” by executing Sim 16 unless the EEPROM is initialized. 
      Remove EEPROM from new PWB. 
      Remove EEPROM on the PWB attached to the device and mount on new PWB. 
* Find a tool you can insert into back 
side of the EEPROM (ex. straight 
slot screwdriver). Using the tool, 
move right and left side of the 
EEPROM slowly and gently to 
remove from the PWB. 
Handle with care so that EEPROM 
and PWB won’t be damaged and 
pins won’t be bent. 
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., Document Systems Support
Cautions for handling 
Cases reported in the past 
Coutnermeasure etc. 
Wear a ground strap to 
handle PWBs. 
EEPROM data may be garbled due to static 
(Please refer to the Service Manual “Note for 
handling PWB and electronic parts” in “NOTE FOR 
Do not insert EEPROM 
into the socket facing 
the opposite direction 
“U2 trouble” occurs 100% if you turn on the device 
while mounting the EEPROM facing the opposite 
direction. The EEPROM may be damaged due to 
excessively high temperature. 
The data may be garbled even if you could avoid 
the damage. 
When Sim 16 is executed to clear the “U2 trouble”, 
the garbled data may result. 
It is impossible to repair in field once the data are 
Step 1: Don’t execute Sim 
16.Turn off the power and 
mount the EEPROM facing 
the proper direction. 
Step 2: Execute Sim 16 to 
clear “U2 trouble”. 
Do not mount 
EEPROM on different 
PWB (among PCU, 
MFP, Scanner PWB 
“U2 trouble” occurs 100% if you turn on the device 
while mounting the EEPROM in improper location. 
In addition, the data may be garbled.   
When Sim 16 is executed to clear “U2 trouble”, the 
garbled data may result. 
It is impossible to repair in field once the data are 
Do not bend pins 
around EEPROM 
The pins may be bent if the EEPROM is 
detached/mounted several times. 
Do not use styrene 
foam for transportation 
Styrene foam can generate static charge easily. 
There are cases where EEPROM is damaged just 
by inserting the EEPROM into the styrene foam. 
Use black sponge used for 
packing of service parts 
EEPROM for transportation. 
This sponge is made with 
special material which does 
not generate static charge. 
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., Document Systems Support
[5] Cautions for prevention of EEPROM breakage   
SIM16 is the simulation to clear the trouble when U2 trouble occurs even though any service (repair or maintenance etc.) has not been 
As described above, this SIM cannot clear U2 trouble caused by the human error.    EEPROM will be rather broken 
if this SIM is executed. 
Counter data and the adjustment values of the machine are also logged in EEPROM. 
EEPROM with data garbled cannot be repaired even at Nara factory and the initialization is only the option. 
Once EEPROM is initialized, the counter data is reset to "0", which will complicate the management of account billing data based on counters. 
In some cases it may cause dealers a loss.(e.g.: Even though 3,000 pages have run, it is not possible to charge the end user for the counter as 
there is no counter data.) 
Since all data including the adjustment values are reset to the default, all adjustment items need to be readjusted, "Which requires long hours 
of work"

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