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SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man35) Upgrade of the INSO filters and viewers to version 8.0.1 Driver / Update 4.23 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man36) Alerts that do not have a time frame scheduling do not trigger index synchronization Driver / Update 975.17 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man37) Users to be authenticated as members of LDAP groups cause the authentication process to hang when performing an automatic login Driver / Update 834.32 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man38) Countermeasure for cases of double entries in result list when using ZyINDEXImport.exe to add files to an index Driver / Update 746.98 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man39) Improved long query display using tooltip Driver / Update 722.61 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man4) Building a ZyScan Template in v5 Driver / Update 6.68 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man40) The pluginguid.dbf database is not packed when indexing a xml wrapper module index with the optimize option Driver / Update 657.46 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man41) Service Pack 4c, ONLY for Sharpfind V5 systems. Please ensure that all relevant data is backed up and that the minimum system requirements are met for installing this file. For details on fixes updates in this version please refer to the documentation in the FAQs section. PLEASE NOTE Hotfixes listed in this section (PZ01634 onwards) are for use with SP4C ONLY. They must not be used with other service packs. Driver / Update 208.34 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man42) Sharpfind V5 brochure (DELL hardware). Service Manual / Specification 4 763.15 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man43) Supported file format list for Sharpfind V5 SP4c FAQ 2 117.97 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man44) Important information regarding installation of Service Packs and Hot Fixes, for Sharpfind systems. FAQ 1 16.98 KB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man45) Procedure for upgrading A Sharpfind system from V4 to V5. Please ensure that all relevant data is backed up, and that the system meets the harware requirements BEFORE upgrading. FAQ 25 1.2 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man5) Building a Website in v5 Driver / Update 2.83 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man6) Adding the Timer Service in v5 Driver / Update 5.25 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man7) Configuring The Timer in v5 Video Driver / Update 3.85 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man8) Building an Index in v5 Video Driver / Update 7.52 MB
SHARPFIND V5 (serv.man9) Printing documents from the document basket does not print the document contents Driver / Update 1.04 MB
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