AR-M160 (serv.man22). Detailed information on using the Pegasus-series Maintenance program. — Sharp Copying Equipment FAQ (repair manual)

AR-M160 (serv.man22)
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Copying Equipment / Detailed information on using the Pegasus-series Maintenance program.

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To update the firmware program in Pegasus – series copiers (AR-M160 and
AR-M205), the following items are required :
1.  A PC running Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, with a USB port.
2.  A USB cable (‘A to B’ type).
3.  A copy of the latest firmware program, and a copy of the Maintenance
(download) program (with USB download drivers).
The cable should be connected to the PC USB port at one end, and should be
connected to the copier’s USB 1.1 port at the other. It should not be connected to
the copier USB 2.0 port, if the optional AR-EB7 is installed.
Presuming that the USB download driver is already installed on the PC, put the
copier in to download mode by either selecting simulation 49-01, or alternatively
switch on the copier whilst holding down the ‘AUDIT CLEAR’ and ‘ZOOM’ keys.
Confirm that the copier is in download mode by ensuring that the letter  ‘d’  is
displayed in the copier’s counter display. Connect the USB cable between the
PC and the copier, and then start the Maintenance program. Note that if you
connect the cable before entering download mode on the copier, Windows plug
and play will detect the copier as a printer device and will request appropriate
drivers. After starting the Maintenance program, select ‘model D’ (Pegasus
series), and then check the message at the bottom of the program window to
confirm that connection is established.
To transfer the new firmware in to the copier, select ‘Download DWL Data Area’
from within the ‘Special’ drop-down list, and navigate to the new firmware file.
Click ‘Open’, and the file will be transferred from the PC to the copier. Note that
the transfer of the firmware file will complete within a matter of seconds, but the
firmware will not be written in to the copier until  ‘OFF’ is displayed on the copier
counter screen. At this point, it is safe to switch off the copier, close the
Maintenance program and disconnect the USB cable. If the copier is switched off
before the firmware update has completed, the copier may not enter the ready
state when switched back on. In this case, it will be necessary to switch on the
copier whilst holding down the ‘AUDIT CLEAR’ and ‘ZOOM’ keys. When the
copier display shows  ‘d’ , repeat the download procedure.
When the download is completed and the copier comes to ready, check
that the firmware program has been updated in the copier by using
simulation 22-14.

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