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c. Rear edge shaft change-over
1) Remove the rear edge shaft fixing screw (blue) on the right
side of the paper feed tray, and remove the rear edge shaft.
2) Tighten the removed rear edge shaft with the fixing screw
(blue screw) and store it in the storage space inside the front
3) Push the large capacity tray slowly into the original position.
(2) Change A4 size to B5 size
a. Side plate size change-over
1) Remove the four fixing screws (blue) which are fixing the
upper and the lower sections of the side plate F and the side
plate R.
2) Then fit the paper feed tray on the lower side of the side plate
F and the side plate R with the engraved marks of the side
plates according to the size, and insert it. Also fit the upper
side to the size and fix it with the four fixing screws (blue).
b. Auxiliary guide size change-over
Since the auxiliary guide is unnecessary, fix it to A4 or LT. (For
protection against missing of the part)
c. Rear edge shaft change-over
1) Remove the rear edge shaft fixing screw (blue) on the right
side of the paper feed tray, and remove the rear edge shaft.
2) Change the direction of the removed rear edge shaft as shown
in the figure below, insert it into the installing hole in the lower
paper feed base. Fit the upper section with a fixing screw (blue
F side
R side
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