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E. Select the paper size.
(1) Change A4 size to LT size
The factory setting of the paper size is A4. To select another size,
perform the following procedures.
1) Pull out the large capacity tray until it stops.
2) Then pull out the paper feed tray again until it stops.
a. Side plate size change-over
1) Remove the four fixing screws (blue) which are fixing the
upper and the lower sections of the side plate F and the side
plate R.
2) Then fit the paper feed tray on the lower side of the side plate
F and the side plate R with the engraved marks of the side
plates according to the size, and insert it. Also fit the upper
side to the size and fix it with the four fixing screws (blue).
b. Auxiliary guide size change-over
1) When changing the size of the side plate R, check to confirm
the mark positions of "
" on the side plate R and the size
guide adjustment plate.
2) Loosen the auxiliary guide fixing screw (Flat screw 1pc).
3) Change the mark position (
) of the auxiliary guide and the
cassette R from A4 to LT, and fix them with the fixing screw
(flat screw, 1pc).
At that time, adjust so that the mark positions (
) on the auxil-
iary guide and the cassette R are at the same positions of the
mark positions (
) of the side plate R and the size guide
adjustment plate checked in the procedure 1). (If the scale of
the size guide adjustment plate is at the center, set the posi-
tion at the center. If is it at 1mm toward the front side, set the
position at 1mm toward the front side.)
F side
R side
F side
R side
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