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1. Unpacking
2. Before installation
• Start installation after checking that the DATA indicator on the
operation panel is neither lit nor blinking.
• Ensure that the connecting plate located on the front side of the
optional stand and the connecting plates on the sides (one on
the right side and left side respectively) are securely attached.
Parts included
3. Installation
A. Power OFF procedure
(1) Turn off the power.
1) Turn off the power switches on the left side of the machine.
2) Disconnect the power plug from the power outlet.
B. Large capacity paper feed tray installation
(1) Install the option mounting plate.
1) Install the option mounting plate.
2) Attach the right cabinet.
Upper mounting plates
(2 pcs.)
Mounting plate
(1 pc.)
Connecting plate
(1 pc.)
Securing plate
(1 pc.)
Option mounting plate
(1 pc.)
Securing screws A
(6 pcs.)
Securing screw B
(1 pc.)
Securing screws C
(2 pcs.)
Securing screw D
(1 pc.)
Step screws
(2 pcs.)
Power off
The convex side
is inside.
screw D
Step screw
Step screw
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