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AR-BD15 (serv.man21)
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Service Manual / Technical Bulletin
Copying Equipment / Important Information RE Memory SIMM Part Number for ARBD14 15 Printer Board

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Ref : FF/COP/81
Date : 17/03/99
Model :
ARBD14/15 Printer Board
Subject :
Expansion Memory SIMM For ARBD14/15 Printer Board
As you may be aware, the ARBD14/15 Printer Board has the capability of accepting an extra
16MB SIMM, taking it’s maximum potential memory up to 32MB.
The memory that has been evaluated by Sharp Japan and proven to be reliable is
manufactured by Kingston Technology. The part number for the SIMM is as follows:
16MB SIMM   -   KTM4x32L-60EG     “Revision 2174 or 2128”
Please Note:
Kingston Technology has recently altered this memory module to include higher capacity
chips. When a module with the higher capacity chips is fitted to the ARBD14/15 Printer
Board, it will be recognised as 8MB and not as 16MB.
To ensure that you receive the memory SIMM that is fully recognised by the ARBD14/15
Printer Board please ensure that when ordering, you ask for revision “2174” or “2128” of the
The memory used is 72 pin, 60ns non-parity, gold edged EDO memory. This means that it is
a high quality memory that should perform better than a Standard Fast Page equivalent. The
memory can be purchased from any approved Kingston reseller however we would
recommend Upgrade Options PLC. We have liased with Upgrade Options to ensure that they
keep an adequate stock of the correct revision item. Their address is as follows:
Upgrade Options PLC
Options House, 31-33 Grosvenor Road
Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 3DP
Telephone: 01252-331441
As memory prices are very volatile, it is impossible to quote a price for this memory. Please
contact Upgrade Options for an up to date price.
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd
Copier Technical Support
Technical Services Group

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  • DOWNLOAD Sharp AR-BD15 (serv.man21) Service Manual ↓ Size: 6.25 KB | Pages: 1 in PDF or view online for FREE
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