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UP-3300 (serv.man3)
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EPOS / Back-up Restore Logo Guide

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The com33v utility can be used to back up and restore files from
the UP3300.
There are also a number of other functions that can be performed
with this program. These will be displayed on your computer when
running it.
Follow this guide to use the Com33v Utility.
1. Copy the COM33V onto your computer.
2. You may need to edit your config.sys file to contain the following
line: -
ANSI.SYS will allow the text of contents to be correctly presented
on your computer screen.
(If you do not have the file ANSI.SYS in the  windows\command
directory you will have to find this from another place).
3. This program should be run from DOS
4. To run the utilities enter COM33V from the relevant location.
5. A Menu will appear on the computer screen.
6. The first thing to check is the RS-232 initial Preset.
(Select item [0] from the menu).
7. When you first run this program the baud rate setting will default
to 9600. To change these from the set up screen select Execute
No then change the Baud Rate to 38400.
8.You may also want to change Packet Display for Send/Receive.
(This will display the data on your computer screen as it is being
All other settings can remain the same.
9. Now set the UP3300 ready for communication.
From program 2 Menu select item 14, which is DEVICE CONFIG
and set, the appropriate channel number.
Then select item 20 ONLINE CONFIG and set the baud rate
setting to the same setting as Com33v.
NB. When you enter the file name you want to save/retrieve the
data from you must not include the extension name (E.g. For
ALL.DAT enter ALL)
All the files, which are backed up using Com33v Utility, will
automatically be given an extension of DAT.
Q.  Is it possible to have logo graphic printed on the Sharp UP-
80BP printer.
A. Yes, the graphic logo which is to be down loaded to the printer
has to be a BMP type file also the size of this graphic is 174(h) x
480(w). Once the graphic has been created on your computer you
will need to use the back-up & restore (com33v) to down load the
graphic to the Printer.
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