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(Main unit operation)
To recall stations that have been stored in
 memory (PTY search)
You can search for desired stations by specifying the
programme type (news, sports, traffic programme, etc. ... see
page 20) from among the stations that have been stored in
(ASPM is convenient for storing stations in memory.)
Press the ON/STAND-BY button to turn the power on.
Press the TUNER (BAND) button.
Press the TUNER (BAND) button to select the FM ST or FM
Press the PTY.TI SEARCH button.
“PTY TI” and “SELECT” will appear alternately for about
6 seconds.
Within 6 seconds, press the PRESET (
) button to
select the programme type you want.
Each time the button is pressed, the programme type will
appear. If the button is held down for more than 0.5 sec-
onds, the programme type will appear continuously.
Whilst the selected programme type is flashing (within 4
seconds), press the PTY.TI SEARCH button again.
After the name of the selected programme type has been
lit for 2 seconds, “SEARCH” will appear, and the search
operation will start.
If the programme type has changed from flashing to steadily lit
and the PTY.TI SEARCH button is pressed, nothing will hap-
In this case, start again from step 4.
Each time a station of the programme type you want is en-
countered, you will be able to listen to the broadcast.
The channel number will flash for about 3 seconds. The station
name will flash for 7 seconds, and then remain lit.
If you want to listen to another station of that programme
type, press the PTY.TI SEARCH button whilst the channel
number or station name is flashing. The unit will look for the
next station of that type.
If no station of the programme type you want can be found,
“NOT FOUND” will appear for 4 seconds.
If you have selected the traffic programme:
If you select traffic programme (TP) as the programme type in
step 5, to receive only radio stations which broadcast traffic
programmes, the TP will appear. (However, this does not nec-
essarily mean that you will hear any traffic announcements at
that time.)
When a traffic announcement is actually being made, the TA
will appear.
(When both the TP and TA will appear, an announcement is
being made.)
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