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Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd. (“Sharp”) guarantees to provide for the repair, or at its option the replace-
ment, of this product subject to the conditions listed below:-
1. This guarantee shall only apply to faults which are due to inferior workmanship or materials. It does
not cover faults or damage caused by accident, misuse, fair wear and tear, neglect, tampering with
the product, or repair other than by a Service Facility appointed by Sharp.
2. As this product is intended for private domestic use only, the guarantee will not apply if the product
is used in the course of a business, trade or profession.
3. To benefit from this guarantee, any fault which occurs must be notified to Sharp, or its appointed
Service Facility within one year from the date this product was purchased. Proof of purchase must
be provided.
4. The guarantee does not cover carriage costs, jewelled styli, audio tapes, compact discs or batter-
5. In the unlikely event of this product requiring repair, please contact the supplier from whom it was
purchased. Where this is not possible, please contact the Sharp Customer Information Centre on
the telephone number given below.
6. No person has any authority to vary the terms or conditions of this guarantee.
7. This guarantee is offered as an additional benefit to your statutory rights, and does not affect these
rights in any way.
If you have any difficulty operating this product, or would like information on other Sharp products,
please telephone the Sharp Customer Information Centre on the number given below.
Sharp Customer Information Centre - Telephone 08705 274277
Sharp House, Thorp Road, Newton Heath, Manchester, M40 5BE
01.7.17, 17:42
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