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Software: Main firmware upgrade package 
 1.  Download corresponded package data from the service web site and extract them to your favorite directory on your PC. 
There are several files in the folder as below.
- FlashUpgrader.exe  
Main firmware upgrading software
- flash_all.inf  
Setting file
- root.cramfs
- rootdata.cramf  
- rw.jffs2 
img file for upgrading
      - u-boot.spi-boot
- uImage
- Windows_Driver_32bit   
Folder of 32bit version USB drivers file
- Windows_Driver_64bit   
Folder of 64bit version USB drivers file
* State of power: AC cord disconnected
Firmware upgrade
USB driver installation
(Only execute when you install the USB driver onto your PC first time.)
 1.  Press and hold the [v/b ] and [▲] keys on the control panel and connect AC cord to the projector. Release keys when the 
[ON(G)/STANDBY(R)] LED blinks and [WARNING] LED lights.
 2.  Connect an USB cable between the projector (USB-B) and PC (USB-A).
   When connecting the USB cable, the message will appear to install the USB driver software.
 3.  If the plug and play installation is not succeeded, take the following methods to install the driver manually.
  1)  Open the "Device Manager", and right-click [Unknown Device] of [Other Devices] and then click [Driver Software Updat-
  2)  On the displayed window, click [Search driver software referring to computer] to choose the folder where the USB drivers 
are stored.
  For 32bit PC:
       USB driver stored place: Desktop\Main fw upgrade tool\Windows_Driver_32bit\
  For 64bit PC:
       USB driver stored place: Desktop\Main fw upgrade tool\Windows_Driver_64bit\
 4.  Instillation is completed. To confirm the driver installation, open the "Device Manager" and check with the below figure.
 5. Disconnect AC cord and USB cable from the projector.
Display example of Device manager window on 64bit PC
Display example of Device manager window on 32bit PC
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