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4.  The check code will be indicated on the pass code entering 
5.  Input the check code on the activation code entering win-
dow and the press the [OK] button.
  The activation is complete.
Input Check code
Check code
4. Setting the serial number
1.  Connect the AC cord and turn the projector on or set the projector into the 
normal standby mode.
2.  Double click the icon of software [01.Projector Setting-sn Ver1.0.exe] in the 
folder of "Serial Number Writing Tool ". 
3.  Select the available COM port number with pull-down menu button and 
input the serial number referring to the rating plate on the projector.
   The [Confirm] button will be active when entering the valid 9-digit serial 
4.  Press the [Confirm] button to write the serial number to the projector's 
   After completing the setting,"OK"  will appear on the window. If "NG" ap-
pears, take steps 2 and 3 again.
5.  Confirm that the correct serial number is displayed on the "Info." - "S/N" 
menu of the on-screen menu.
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