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3. 7. Serial no. setting
1. Required equipment
1. PC : Use for serial no. setting
2. Communication cable : D-sub 9pin (male/female RS-232C straight)
3. Software : Serial Number Writing Tool Package data
  (Download from the projector service homepage.)
2. Preparation
1.  Move the folder "Serial Number Writing Tool" to your favorite directory on your computer. There are files in the folder as 
shown below .
  - 01.Projector Setting-sn Ver1.0.exe 
Serial no. setting software
  - 02.ActivateCodeGenerator_Pana-MEI.exe 
Activate Code Generator software
  - DiskID32.dll 
Windows DLL file
Windows OCX file
  - setting.ini 
Setting file
2.   Connect the serial terminal of projector and PC with an 
RS-232C cable.
[Note]  Setup the projector not to enter the standby mode 
or shutdown mode during the working.
Communication cable (straight)
D-Sub 9p (Male)
D-Sub 9p (Female)
Projector Connection terminals
3. Activation of software
(Once you have taken the activation of this software on your 
PC, skip this procedure)
1.  Double click the icon of software [01.Projector Setting-sn 
Ver1.0.exe] in the folder of "Serial Number Writing Tool ". 
The activation code entering window appears and the pass 
code is indicated.
2.    Double click the icon of software [02.ActivateCodeGenera-
tor_Pana-MEI.exe] in the folder of "Serial Number Writing 
Tool ". The pass code entering window appears.
    Input the pass code and press the button.
Pass code
Input pass code
3. Input the key code "Pana-MEI" and press the [OK] 
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