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4.   1) Select a represented model name with [Series] pull down menu button.
  2)  Select a destination (Global, India, China,etc) with [Place of destination] pull down menu button. 
The model name according to selected destination will appear on the [Selected Model] text box.
  3) Check its model name and then click the [WRITE] button.
   When the writing is executed correctly, the [OK] will be displayed on the window. If it failed, the [NG] and a error message 
window will appear. Check the communication port and connection of serial cable and then take steps 3 and 4 again.
5.  After setting, confirm that the correct model name is displayed on the on-screen menu.
3. 6. Model no. setting
1. Required equipment
1. PC : Use for model no. setting
2. Communication cable : D-sub 9pin (male/female RS-232C straight)
3. Software : ModelNameWritingTool.exe
  (Download from the projector service home page.)
2. Preparation
1.  Move the folder "ModelNameWritingTool" to your favorite directory on your Computer. There are files in the folder as shown 
below .
  - ModelNameWritingTool.exe 
Model no. setting software
  - ModelNameWritingTool.ini 
Setting file
2.   Connect the serial terminal of projector and PC with an 
RS-232C cable.
[Note]  Setup the projector not to enter the standby mode 
or shutdown mode during the working.
Communication cable (straight)
D-Sub 9p (Male)
D-Sub 9p (Female)
Projector Connection terminals
3. Setting up procedure
1.  Connect the AC cord and turn the projector on or set the projec-
tor into the normal standby mode.
2.  Double click the icon of software [ModelNameWritingTool.exe] 
in the folder of "ModelNameWritingTool ".
3.  Select the [Setting] sub menu from [Option[] menu, and setup 
the serial communication port.
    Port: Select an available port from COM.
    Baud Rate: Select 19200bps.
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