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4.  Write down the EEPROM data (after replacing  
1.  Double click the icon of software [PJ data Write Tool Ver2.4.exe] 
in the folder of "DataBackup". The control window will appear.
2.        Input the exact file name which is stored in the "DataBackup" 
3. Connect the AC cord and turn the projector on.
4.  Select the available COM port number and then press the 
   button to write-down the EEPROM data to the projector. 
5.  After completing the writing, "OK" will appear on the window. 
   If "NG" appears, take step 4 again.
When you write down the data into a new A-PC board, 
please confirm that item "ADC DATA" is unchecked.
When you restore the data into the original A-PC board, 
check item "ADC DATA".
Each A-PC board has the unique ADC data adjusted at the 
factory, so do not overwrite the existing data.
Note on software errors
Depending on the PC environment, the software does not start up rarely and displays with the error message. In this 
case, please take the following methods to solve the problems.
- Error massages related on "MSCOMM32.OCX" or "COMCTL32.OCX" appears.
Step1.  Move the both files  "MSCOMM32.OCX" and "COMCTL32.OCX" in the "DataBackup" folder into a directory below;
Step2.  From "Start" menu, right click "Command Prompt" icon and select "Execute as administrator" to start the 
(Start menu - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt")
Step3. On the window of "Command Prompt", Type the commands as the below;
regsvr32 /u mscomm32.ocx[Enter] 
regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx[Enter] 
regsvr32 /u comctl32.ocx[Enter] 
regsvr32 comctl32.ocx[Enter] 
Data file name
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