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1. Adjustment item and a procedure    ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ADJ-2
1. 1. Lighting area adjustment
1. 2. Lens calibration
1. 3. Auto index calibration
1. 4. EEPROM data transfer
1. 5. Model information setup
1. 6. Auto index calibration
2. Software Update procedure  ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ADJ-11
Model No.
< RZ670/RW630 >
1. Adjustment item and a procedure
When the following parts are disassembled or replaced, please adjust the items according to the table below.
  1. 1. Lighting area adjustment
    1. 1. 1. Confirmation of the lighting area
1. Check if any shade is visible in the DMD effective display area.
・ Make the projection environment as dark as possible, and
project an all-white and all-black pattern (internal test
pattern) for this check.
2. When the Lighting area interferes with the effective area, adjust the 
    Lighting area (relay lens holder position).
    1. 1. 2. Adjustment procedure of the Lighting area
1. Open the sheet of the adjustment part.
2. Loosen the two fixation screws with a hexagon wrench (2.5mm).
 DMD block / Each Analysis block part
Replaced Component
Adjustment Item
 1.1. Lighting area adjustment
 DMD block (Lens Mounter)
 Phosphor wheel, Trimming wheel
 When a power supply was cut during shift /
 focus movement, carry it out.
 1.2. Lens calibration
 1.3. Auto index calibration
 1.4. EEPROM data transfer
 1.6. LD unit runtime reset
 Copy the EEPROM data to the new one from
 the old A-P.C.Bboard.
 LD unit
 1.5. Model information setup
 When EEPROM data transmission was finished,
 it is not necessary.
Lighting area
Effective area
Adjustment sheet
Adjustment screw (2)
Adjustment screw (1)
fixation screws
Torque:70±10 N・cm
ADJ - 2
< RZ670/RW630 >
3. project the all-white of the internal test pattern.
4. Adjust the horizontal direction of the lighting area with a adjustment screw (1).
5. Adjust the vertical direction of the lighting area with a adjustment screw (2).
6. After adjustment completion, tighten two fixation screws.
7. Fix up the adjustment sheet.
  1. 2. Lens calibration
1. Select sub menu [LENS CALIBRATION] of main menu [PROJECTOR SETUP].
2. The confirmation screen is displayed.  Select [OK] and press the <ENTER> button.
3. The lens moves up, down, left, and right to automatically set the lens shift limit values and home position.
・ [PROGRESS] is displayed on the menu during lens calibration.
4. When the lens has been completely stopped, calibration is complete.
・ When lens calibration executes correctly, [COMPLETE] is displayed and [INCOMPLETE] is displayed 
when it does not execute correctly.
・ If it is displayed as [INCOMPLETE], retry the procedure from step 1.
  1. 3. Auto index calibration
1. Move into service mode.
2. Select sub menu [CONVERGENCE] of main menu [EXTRA OPTION] and select [OK].
Lighting area
Effective area
Adjustment screw (1)
Adjustment screw (2)
ADJ - 3
< RZ670/RW630 >
3. Index adjustment pattern is projected automatically, automatic adjustment is started.
4. It is adjustment completion if displayed with "AUTO INDEX CALIBRATION COMPLETE".
[If an error message is displayed]
・ Example
  PW1  Sensor value is wrong
  PW2  Sensor value is wrong
  CW   Sensor value is wrong
  PW1  Adjustment was failed
 Calculation error of phosphor wheel 1. Replace the phosphor wheel 1, please readjustment. 
  PW2  Adjustment was failed
 Calculation error of phosphor wheel 2. Replace the phosphor wheel 2, please readjustment. 
  CW   Adjustment was failed
 Calculation error of trimming wheel. Replace the trimming wheel, please readjustment. 
  1. 4. EEPROM data transfer
The EEPROM data transfer via LAN terminal or serial terminal.
    1. 4. 1. Equipment to be used
1. Computer : Use it for the transfer of backup data.
2. Communication cable
  D-sub 9pin (male/female RS-232C straight)
  LAN cable. (When connecting directly, use a cross cable)
3. Service Software : [DataLogBackup.exe] Please download the service software from the projector service Web (PASS).
    1. 4. 2. Connection preparations
1. Check the settings of the projector.
1) The [INPUT SELECT] of sub menu [RS-232C] must be set according to the connection method.
2) The [EMULATE] of sub menu [RS-232C], is select to [DEFAULT]. (in service mode)
3) Check the RS-232C settings (ID, Baudrate  and Parity) and take a note.
1) The [DIGITAL LINK MODE] of sub menu [NETWORK], is select to [AUTO] or [ETHERNET].
2) Check the network IP address of the projector and take a note.
3) Set the IP address of computer to approximate value of projector IP address.
・If you have changed the each menu settings, please return settings of the original (customers) after work.
・Set up your computer not to standby or shutdown.
Serial terminal connection
LAN terminal connection
Error message
 Measured value of color sensor is abnormal.
 Replace the color sensor, please readjustment.
Serial terminal connection
LAN terminal connection
ADJ - 4
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