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2. Firmware update procedure
• Firmware updating can be done via LAN terminal or the serial terminal. (Updating of DIGITAL LINK firmware can be done via  
  the serial terminal only.) 
•  It is recommend to use the LAN terminal for faster updating.
2. 1.  Equipment to be used
1. Computer : Use it for transmitting the firmware data.
2. Communication cable :
Serial terminal connection
D-sub 9 pin (male/female RS-232C straight)
LAN terminal connection
LAN cable. (When connecting directly, use a cross cable)
3. Service tool :[MainSubNtUpdatetool.exe] Download from the projector service Web (PASS).
4.  Microprocessor firmware: Please download the file from the projector service homepage to your PC.
2. 2. Connection preparations
1.  Check the settings of the projector.  
     Serial terminal connection
1)  Select the sub menu [RS-232C] of the main menu [PROJECTOR SETUP] and setup [INPUT SELECT] to your connecting 
2)  Enter the service mode and select sub menu [RS232C] of main menu[PROJECTOR SETUP], and setup [EMULATE] to 
3) Check the RS-232C settings (ID/Baudrate/Parity) and take them note.
LAN terminal connection
1)   Select the sub menu [NETWORK LINK MODE] of the main menu [NETWORK] and set up [AUTO] or [ETHERNET].
2) Select sub menu [NETWORK STATUS] of main menu [NETWORK] and check the IP address and take a note. 
3) Setup the IP address of computer's network to the same network group of the projector.
• Setup the projector not to set into the standby mode or shutdown during the updating. 
• If you have changed the each menu settings, please return settings of the original (customers) after work.
2. Connect the projector and the PC by using a communication cable.
Serial terminal connection example
LAN terminal connection example
Projector SERIAL IN
Communication cable (straight)
D-Sub 9P
D-Sub 9p (female)
LAN cable (straight)
LAN cable (straight)
Projector LAN
2. 1. 3. Update procedure
1. Set the projector to "Normal-Standby" mode (ON(G)/STANDBY(R) indicator lights in red).
2. Start up service software (MainSubNtUpdateTool.exe) with a computer. The model setting window will appear.
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