SA-BTX68EF, SA-BTX70EB, SA-BTX70EE, SA-BTX70EG, SA-BTX70PP, SC-BTX70EE9K, SC-BTX70EE — Panasonic Audio Service Manual Supplement (repair manual). Page 4

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Service Mode at glance
With reference to original service manual (section 7.3) on page 33-34 for model no. SA-BTX68EF-K/SA-BTX70EB/EG-K.
With reference to SA-BTX68EF-K/SA-BTX70EB/EG-K (section 7.3) on page 33-34 for model no. SA-BTX70EE-K.
With reference to original service manual (section 7.3) on page 32-33 for model no. SA-BTX70PP-K.
Service mode setting: While the power is off, press [SKIP FWD] & [PLAY] on main unit follow by [SETUP] on remote control simul-
taneously for five second or more.
Service Mode Table 1
FL display
Key operation
Mode name
(Remote controller key)
Release Items
Item of Service Mode executing is cancelled.
Press  [0]  [0]  or  [Return]  in  service
Error Code Display
Last Error Code of U/H/F held by Timer is dis-
played on FL.
*Details are described in 
7.1.1. Self-Diagno-
sis Functions.
If any error history dose not exist,
[F00] is displayed.
Press [0] [1] in service mode
ROM Version Display
1. Region code (displayed for 5 sec.)
2. Main firm version (displayed for 5 sec.)
3. Timer firm version (displayed for 5 sec.)
4. Drive firm version (displayed for 5 sec.)
5. ROM correction version (left displayed)
 are version displays.
Press [0] [2] in service mode
Drive check
Simple quality of BD/DVD drive.
*If the date of the present or the
trouble occurred time is incorrect, it
may be not able to judge correctly.
Press [3] [8] in service mode.
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