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Install at a strong and firm location which is able to withstand the set’s weight. If the strength is not enough or installation is not 
properly done, the set will drop and cause injury. 
This equipment is strongly recommended to be installed with Residual Current Device (RCD) on-site according to the respective 
national wiring rules or country–specific safety measures in terms of residual current. 
During installation, install the refrigerant piping properly before run the compressor. Operation of compressor without fixing 
refrigeration piping and valves at opened condition will cause suck-in of air, abnormal high pressure in refrigeration cycle and result in 
explosion, injury etc. 
During pump down operation, stop the compressor before remove the refrigeration piping. Removal of refrigerant piping while 
compressor is operating and valves are opened will cause suck-in of air, abnormal high pressure in refrigerant cycle and result in 
explosion, injury etc. 
Tighten the flare nut with torque wrench according to specified method. If the flare nut is over tightened, after a long period, the flare 
may break and cause refrigerant gas leakage. 
After completion of installation, confirm there is no leakage of refrigerant gas. It may generate toxic gas when the refrigerant contacts 
with fire. 
Ventilate the room if there is refrigerant gas leakage during operation. Extinguish all fire sources if present. It may cause toxic gas 
when the refrigerant contacts with fire. 
25.  Only use the supplied or specified installation parts, else, it may cause unit vibrate loose, water leakage, electrical shock or fire. 
The unit is only for use in closed water system. Utilization in an open water circuit may lead to excessive corrosion of water piping and 
risk of incubating bacteria colonies, particularly Legionella, in water. 
27.  If there is any doubt about the installation procedure or operation, always contact the authorized dealer for advice and information. 
28.  Select a location where in case of water leakage, the leakage will not cause damage to other properties. 
When installing electrical equipment at wooden building of metal lath or wire lath, in accordance with electrical facility standard, no 
electrical contact between equipment and building is allowed. Insulator must be installed in between. 
Any work carried out on the Indoor Unit / Outdoor Unit after removing any panels which is secured by screws, must be carried out 
under the supervision of authorized dealer and licensed installation contractor. 
This unit must be properly earthed. The electrical earth must not be connected to a gas pipe, water pipe, the earth of lightening rod or 
a telephone. Otherwise there is a danger of electrical shock in the event of an insulation breakdown or electrical earth fault in the 
outdoor unit. 
Do not use joint cable for outdoor connection cable. Use specified outdoor connection cable, refer to instruction CONNECT THE 
and connect tightly for outdoor connection. Clamp the cable so that no external force will be acted 
on the terminal. If connection or fixing is not perfect, it will cause heat up or fire at the connection. 
Do not install the Indoor Unit / Outdoor Unit at place where leakage of flammable gas may occur. In case gas leaks and accumulates 
at surrounding of the unit, it may cause fire. 
Do not release refrigerant during piping work for installation, re-installation and during repairing a refrigeration parts. Take care of the 
liquid refrigerant, it may cause frostbite. 
3.  Do not install this appliance in a laundry room or other high humidity location. This condition will cause rust and damage to the unit. 
4.  Make sure the insulation of power supply cord does not contact hot part (i.e. refrigerant piping) to prevent from insulation failure (melt).
Do not apply excessive force to water pipes that may damage the pipes. If water leakage occurs, it will cause flooding and damage to 
other properties. 
6.  Do not touch the sharp aluminium fin, sharp parts may cause injury. 
Do not release refrigerant into the atmosphere. The product contains fluorinated greenhouse gases and that its functioning relies upon 
such gases. 
8.  Select an installation location which is easy for maintenance. 
Carry out drainage piping as mentioned in installation instructions. If drainage is not perfect, water may enter the room and damage 
the furniture. 
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