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17. Recommended installation height for indoor unit shall be at least 2.5 m. 
18. The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations. 
19. Keep away from small children, the thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing.  
20. Tighten the flare nut with torque wrench according to specified method. If the flare nut is over-tightened, after a long 
period, the flare may break and cause refrigerant gas leakage. 
22. Do not insert your fingers or other objects into the unit, high speed rotating fan may cause injury. 
23. Do not modify the machine, part, material during repairing service. 
24.  Must not use other parts except original parts describe in catalog and manual. 
1. Do not install the unit at place where leakage of flammable gas may occur. In case gas leaks and accumulates at 
surrounding of the unit, it may cause fire. 
2. Carry out drainage piping as mentioned in installation instructions. If drainage is not perfect, water may enter the room 
and damage the furniture. 
3. Do not touch outdoor unit air inlet and aluminums fin. It may cause injury. 
4.  Select an installation location which is easy for maintenance. 
5. Power supply connection to the air conditioner. 
Connect the power supply cord of the air conditioner to the mains using one of the following methods. 
Power supply point should be in easily accessible place for power disconnection in case of emergency. 
In some countries, permanent connection of this air conditioner to the power supply is prohibited. 
1) Power supply connection to the receptacle using a power plug. 
Use an approved 15/16A power plug with earth pin for the connection to the receptacle. 
2) Power supply connection to a circuit breaker for the permanent connection. Use an approved 16A circuit breaker for 
the permanent connection. It must be a double pole switch with a minimum 3.5 mm contact gap. 
6. Do not release refrigerant. 
Do not release refrigerant during piping work for installation, re-installation and during repairing a refrigeration parts. 
Take care of the liquid refrigerant, it may cause frostbite. 
7. Installation or servicing work. 
It may need two people to carry out the installation and service work. 
8.   Do not install this appliance in a laundry room or other location where water may drip from the ceiling, etc.
9. Do not sit ot step on the unit, you may fall down accidentally. 
10. Do not touch the sharp aluminium fin, sharp parts may cause injury. 
11. Thermal fuse specification for indoor unit: 250V 3.15A T3.15AL. 
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