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Do not touch the sharp aluminium fin, sharp parts may cause injury. 
Carry out drainage piping as mentioned in installation instructions. If drainage is not perfect, water may enter the room and damage the 
Select an installation location which is easy for maintenance. 
Incorrect installation, service or repair of this air conditioner may increase the risk of rupture and this may result in loss damage or injury 
and/or property. 
Installation or servicing work: It may need two people to carry out the installation or servicing work. 
Pb free solder has a higher melting point than standard solder; typically the melting point is 50°F – 70°F (30°C – 40°C) higher. 
Please use a high temperature solder iron. In case of the soldering iron with temperature control, please set it to 700 ± 20°F  
(370 ± 10°C). 
Pb free solder will tend to splash when heated too high (about 1100°F / 600°C). 
Do not touch the sharp aluminum fins or edges of metal parts. 
If you are required to handle sharp parts during installation or servicing, please wear hand glove. 
Sharp parts may cause injury. 
Tighten the flare nut with torque wrench according to specified method. If the flare nut is over-tightened, after a long period, the flare may 
break and cause refrigerant gas leakage. 
12.  Do not touch outdoor unit air inlet and aluminium fin. It may cause injury. 
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