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Do not perform flare connection inside a building or dwelling or room, when joining the heat exchanger of indoor unit with 
interconnecting piping. Refrigerant connection inside a building or dwelling or room must be made by brazing or welding. Joint 
connection of indoor unit by flaring method can only be made at outdoor or at outside of a building or dwelling or room. Flare 
connection may cause gas leak and flammable atmosphere. 
For R32 model, use piping, flare nut and tools which is specified for R32 refrigerant. Using of existing (R22) piping, flare nut and 
tools may cause abnormally high pressure in the refrigerant cycle (piping), and possibly result in explosion and injury. 
Thickness or copper pipes used with R32 must be more than 0.8 mm. Never use copper pipes thinner than 0.8 mm. 
It is desirable that the amount of residual oil less than 40 mg/10 m. 
Engage authorized dealer or specialist for installation and servicing. If installation or servicing done by the user is defective, it will cause 
water leakage, electrical shock or fire. 
For refrigeration system work, Install according to this installation instructions strictly. If installation is defective, it will cause water 
leakage, electrical shock or fire. 
Use the attached accessories parts and specified parts for installation and servicing. Otherwise, it will cause the set to fall, water 
leakage, fire or electrical shock. 
Install at a strong and firm location which is able to withstand weight of the set. If the strength is not enough or installation is not properly 
done, the set will drop and cause injury. 
For electrical work, follow the national regulation, legistration and this installation instructions. An independent circuit and single outlet 
must be used. If electrical circuit capacity is not enough or defect found in the electrical work, it will cause electrical shock or fire. 
Do not use joint cable for indoor/outdoor connection cable. Use the specified indoor/outdoor connection cable, refer to instruction 
CONNECT THE CABLE TO THE INDOOR UNIT and connect tightly for indoor/outdoor connection. Clamp the cable so that no external 
force will have impact on the terminal.  
If connection or fixing is not perfect, it will cause heat up or fire at the connection. 
Wire routing must be properly arranged so that control board cover is fixed properly. If control board cover is not fixed perfectly, it will 
cause heat-up or fire at connection point of terminal, fire or electrical shock. 
This equipment is strongly recommended to be installed with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) or Residual Current Device (RCD), 
with sensitivity of 30mA at 0.1 sec or less. Otherwise, it may cause electrical shock and fire in case of equipment breakdown or 
insulation breakdown. 
During installation, install the refrigerant piping properly before running the compressor. Operation of compressor without fixing 
refrigeration piping and valves at opened position will cause suck-in of air, abnormal high pressure in refrigeration cycle and result in 
explosion, injury etc. 
During pump down operation, stop the compressor before removing the refrigeration piping. Removal of refrigeration piping while 
compressor is operating and valves are opened will cause suck-in of air, abnormal high pressure in refrigeration cycle and result in 
explosion, injury etc. 
Tighten the flare nut with torque wrench according to specified method. If the flare nut is over-tightened, after a long period, the flare 
may break and cause refrigerant gas leakage. 
After completion of installation or service, confirm there is no leakage of refrigerant gas. It may generate toxic gas when the refrigerant 
contacts with fire. 
27.  Ventilate if there is refrigerant gas leakage during operation. It may cause toxic gas when the refrigerant contacts with fire. 
28.  Be aware that refrigerants may not contain an odour. 
This equipment must be properly earthed. Earth line must not be connected to gas pipe, water pipe, earth of lightning rod and  
telephone. Otherwise, it may cause electrical shock in case of equipment breakdown or insulation breakdown. 
30.  Do not modify the machine, part, material during repairing service. 
31.  If wiring unit is supplied as repairing part, do not repair or connect the wire even only partial wire break. Exchange the whole wiring unit. 
32.  Do not wrench the fasten terminal. Pull it out or insert it straightly. 
33.  Must not use other parts except original parts describe in catalog and manual. 
Do not install the unit in a place where leakage of flammable gas may occur. In case gas leaks and accumulates at surrounding 
of the unit, it may cause fire. 
Prevent liquid or vapor from entering sumps or sewers since vapor is heavier than air and may form suffocating atmospheres. 
Do not release refrigerant during piping work for installation, servicing, reinstallation and during repairing a refrigerant parts. 
Take care of the liquid refrigerant, it may cause frostbite. 
Do not install this appliance in a laundry room or other location where water may drip from the ceiling, etc. 
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