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4-1. Panel Assembly replacement
1. Remove the screws fastening the back cover and
remove the back cover(Fig. 1).
Before attempting to replace or adjust any
part of the washing machine, disconnect the
electrical power supply from the wall outlet.
• When replacing the panel assembly, fix the
plunger valve strap properly.
• Securely solder connecting lead wires, or
used connectors and insulate well to
prevent overheating.
2. Remove the vinyl tape fastening the lead wires
closed connector to the plunger valve assembly and
disconnect the lead wires(Fig. 2).
4. Remove the screws fastening the panel(Fig. 4).
5. Lift up the panel assembly and lay it down on the
top(Fig. 5).
To assemble the panel assembly, reverse the
disassembly procedure.
3. Disconnect the plunger valve strap from the plunger
valve rod(Fig. 3).
Plunger valve strap
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 4
Fig. 3
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 8
Water supply system replacement
1. Pull out the knobs(Fig. 6)
3. Remove the switch body from the panel.
4. Push the supply selector guide in the direction of
the arrow(Fig. 8).
To assemble the water supply system to the switch
body, reverse the above disassembly procedure.
2. Pull out the supply select hose from the supply
select guide(Fig. 7).
Supply select guide
Fig. 7
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