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Drain Hose
Within 50mm
Connect the drain hose to 
the outlet of the drain pump
located at the rear of the
washing machine.
Attach the clip to the drain 
hose. And then push it toward
the body of the washing 
machine as indicated by the
Check that the drain hose is
hung up over the edge of the
laundry tub.
Do not use an extension hose.
Connect the drain hose to the outlet of the 
drain located at the back side of the
washing machine.
Fix the drain hose with the clip.
And then push it toward the body as in the
Keep it downward while the washing machine
is working.
Ensure the hose is free from kinking.
Never lay down the drain hose, as water will be discharged.
Be sure the drain hose is properly routed so it will not kink
or lift  from the sink.
The discharge height should be approximately 0.9~1.2m from 
the floor.
Connect the drain hose adjusting the length of it not to be
dropped. If drain hose is dropped the drainage could be poor
because of blockage in the hose.
Do not install the washer where it is directly exposed to sunlight, wind, rain etc.
Plug the power cord of this washer into a properly installed standard electrical outlet
that is switched & earthed.
For pump model
For non - pump model
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