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5) Water fills continuously of intermittently
Where, what & how to check?
Result of Check
Possible Cause
How to repair & settle
Wrong Installation/Leakage
1. Check whether the drain hose is laying
down on the floor. (For pump model)
2. Check where water leaks.
Pressure Switch
1. Check the pulsator is rotating when
water fills continuously.
2. If there is no defect in the pressure
swith, check whether the air hole of the
outer tub is blocked. 
Inlet Valve
1. Does water fills even though it is not
energized (power is off)?
1. Does water fill immediately after the
power switch turns on before pushing
the START/PAUSE button.
Drain hose laying
Water leaks from a
It doesnʼt rotate.
Water fills.
Wrong installation.
Defect of the part.
Water pressure is not
Air hole blocked.
Defect of the inlet valve.
Short circuit of the
triac of the controller.
The drain hose should be
hung on the stand-pipe or
the tub.
Change the part.
Repair it.
Check the tube of the Ball
Pressure Sensor (Pressure
Switch), it is bent or blocked,
repair that.
Repair the blocked hole.
Change the inlet valve.
Change the controller.
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