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• Use this button to turn the power 
• Rotate the Cycle selector
knob to select the cycle
designed for different
types of fabric and soil
• Use this option to pre
Press and hold Dela
lock/unlock control. 
• When Child lock is s
are disabled except t
the washer while it is
• Soak: Use this option  to wash normal clothes or thick and heavy
clothes which are excessively dirty.
• Extra Wash: If the laundry is heavily soiled, this option is effective.
• Rinse+Spin: Use this option to rinse and then spin.
• Spin Only: Use this option to select spin cycle only.
• Dry Only: When you want Dry only, select this option.
• Use this button to Start/
Stop the washer.
• This display shows:
a) the estimated time remaining in the
cycle when operating.
b) an error code when an error has been
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